What’s New in Klaviyo? August 2018

Check out the newest features in Klaviyo from August!

Customizable Analytics

Notice something different about your analytics tab? The new Analytics Dashboard makes it possible for you to display the data you want front and center in your Klaviyo account. There are four built-in dashboards – business, campaigns, email, and flows overview. And should you want a particular metric, you can add a new card to get the data you need at your fingertips.

Analytics Dashboard

Data Science

Also new this month, our data science team improved on our predicted churn model. Churn determines how likely someone is to not purchase from a company. Why does this new feature matter to you? You now have a more accurate depiction of your customers’ future spending habits and their likelihood that they will continue to buy from you. Along with that, you’ll have the ability to segment based on customer lifetime value (i.e. how much someone has purchased from you in the past, how much they’re predicted to purchase in the future, and the total of those two values). Want to run an end of summer sale? You can target those customers with a low predicted customer lifetime value, who are unlikely to buy, and give them a coupon with the hope of turning some of them into purchasers.

Segmenting by Location

Speaking of segmentation, in Klaviyo, you can now segment based on postal zip codes in the United States and Canada. This can be useful if you have an event coming up in a particular area, want to provide a discount or free shipping within a certain radius, or want to sell seasonal items to the people who need them.

Location Segment

Targeted Forms to Segments and Lists

Lastly, you can personalize your customer’s website experiences with targeted forms to segments and lists. For those customers who are already signed up to your newsletter, you can hide a newsletter popup, but show it to new traffic to your site. Or you can target past-purchasers who haven’t bought anything in a while with a coupon, encouraging them to buy again. Check out the new options in the signup forms tab of your Klaviyo account.

Stuck? Head to the Help Center for step-by-step instructions or take a deeper dive into concepts by taking one of the new Klaviyo Academy courses and earning a badge or two or three.


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