Import Email Marketing Data into Your Data Warehouse with Segment

email marketing data

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can further analyze and act on your email delivery, opens, and click data from Klaviyo.

Thanks to our new Sources integration with Segment, you can get this data into a Postgres or Redshift data warehouse, or any of the 200+ integrations on their platform, with no code required. Klaviyo’s mission is to provide a robust, intuitive email platform that allows you to gather data on your customers and leverage this data to send more personalized and targeted emails.

Together with Segment’s mission of making your customer journey available in any tool, marketers can better understand their audiences across every communications and business platform they use. Klaviyo is a Source, which means you can stream all of your email open, delivery, and click data from Klaviyo into Segment and combine it with data from other Sources, like your CRM platform, customer support software, or any other tool.

What This Means for Marketers

Segment Sources will allow you to answer the following questions about how your emails are truly performing:

  • How many total email interactions have you had with a customer this week?
  • What is the LTV of customers that came in through a particular email campaign?
  • Which emails are most effective for reactivating users?

These types of questions have historically been difficult to answer because they rely on joining multiple datasets in highly customized ways. However, pulling information from Klaviyo, Segment brings all your data together in one place, giving you the power to understand your email strategy as part of your overall customer journey.

Use Cases

Odds are, you use Klaviyo in addition to several other software to manage your business. Outlined below are some use cases for combining your data across platforms.

1. Cross-Campaign Analysis
Using Segment, you can compare how a marketing campaign performs across several different media. For example, if you launch a new product, you will likely advertise it across several different platforms: you create Facebook or Google ads, send out an email to your subscribers and more. Segment allows you to consolidate this data into one place for comprehensive analysis.

You can measure the success of this marketing campaign by integrating an analytics platform, like Google Analytics, with Segment. Let’s say your main measurement of success is signups to your website — Segment will easily allow you to see how many signups your email vs. ad campaigns drove.

2. Avoiding Email Overload
Segment will also allow you to easily measure the total number of emails you are sending to your subscribers, which will in turn allow you to see how the number of emails you send affects conversions, site traffic, and other metrics. If you send emails through several different software, this will be especially helpful in making sure you don’t overwhelm your subscribers.

3. Testing New Channels
Importing your data into Segment will allow you to see how your subscribers respond to different marketing venues. For example, you may find that some people are more receptive to Facebook advertising, while others might engage with emails more frequently.

Being able to drill down and see this data is extremely valuable in planning your overall marketing strategy. The ability to discern which touchpoints — whether these be ads, email, push notifications, or something else entirely — are most effective with different subsets of your audience will allow you to deliver a more personalized user experience for each individual subscriber.

Bottom Line

Segment is an ideal tool to use if you use Klaviyo in tandem with other sales, marketing, financial, or customer support services, as surely many of you do. Segment will allow you analyze data across all platforms to truly understand each customer’s experience with your brand.

To use the new Klaviyo Source, sign up for Segment. To learn how to integrate Segment with your Klaviyo account, visit our docs.

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