Target Forms to Minimize Disruption & Maximize Conversions

Popups are a powerful tool for growing your subscriber list, so we’re really investing in more Klaviyo form builder features. Since the release of the form builder last month, we’ve heard a ton of great feedback and feature requests from you all! As mentioned at the end of every feature release post, we love feedback and we heavily rely on it to prioritize the features we build.

This week, we’re excited to release 3 popup features that we prioritized based on customer requests. They’ll improve your popup targeting by letting you:

  1. Control how soon someone will see a Klaviyo form again after closing it.
  2. Hide forms from visitors who are already in your Klaviyo account.
  3. Run custom javascript on signup forms such as google analytics tracking.


Convert visitors on subsequent visits

When a visitor closes a signup form, you should respect that request and not interrupt their browsing experience. That being said, if they return to your website after some time has passed, they may be more interested in signing up for your email content.

To better capture those returning visitors, we’ve added a new setting to the form builder – “Show form again X days after closing.” This setting dictates how soon someone will see the same form again after they close it (by clicking the X or the background behind a popup). While the default is set to 90 days, you can toggle this value based on the experience you want to build for your visitors.

Improve your existing subscribers’ on-site experience

Your existing subscribers are your core revenue drivers. You’ve spent a lot of time building a relationship with them, so it’s no wonder we’ve heard a number of requests to remove popups from their on-site experience!

It’s now possible to hide signup forms from tracked visitors who are already in your Klaviyo account. In other words, if a subscriber is being tracked by Klaviyo web tracking, they won’t see the popup. You can enable this setting on each form individually, so if you want subscribers to see a certain form, such as a VIP list signup or a promotion notification, you can easily do so.

Add custom Javascript to your forms

While using Klaviyo forms doesn’t require any coding experience, we want to make it possible for more tech-savvy users to run custom Javascript when someone sees or submits a form. There are many reasons you might want to add custom logic to your forms, including the ability to send Google Analytics events or to other platforms, change characteristics about the page’s content, or submit a form to multiple lists. Custom Javascript capabilities let you build highly customized signup experiences.

Whenever a visitor is shown or submits a Klaviyo form, we now send Javascript events which can be used to execute any Javascript. This works using a Javascript event listener. We’ve added a number of examples and details to the documentation page to help get you started with this.


What’s next?

Coming soon, we’ll be adding date and dropdown inputs to forms to make capturing birthdays and extra information a cinch. We’ll also be making it super easy to add images to your signup forms. As always, please send any feedback or requests so with the subject line, “I have an idea!”

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