Want to build a powerful SMS list? All Shopify users can now collect consent at checkout

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In a perfect world, all of your customers would head to your website, fill out a signup form with their phone number, and receive text messages from your brand. Sounds easy, right? 

But not every customer wants to (or remembers to) opt in this way—if you can provide your subscribers a handful of other signup options (compliant ones, that is), the more likely they’ll add their phone number to your list. 

Bearing that in mind, Klaviyo’s thrilled to announce a major update to our Shopify integration that’ll allow you to grow your SMS list with your most engaged customers. All Klaviyo customers who use Shopify—both Shopify & Shopify Plus—can now collect SMS consent when someone’s checking out on your website. 

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Why should you capture text message consent at checkout?

When you’re seconds away from placing an online order, you’re already fully committed—you love the item you’re about to buy and you’re confident in the brand you’re buying from. 

It’s the perfect time for promotional offers to entice you to come back and purchase again in the future. The same goes for your customers. Giving them the opportunity to sign up for things like early access to inventory at checkout will help turn them into repeat buyers.

Plus, if you make it easy for your customers to choose the channel of communication they prefer, they’ll be more likely to join your list.

With Shopify consent at checkout, signing up is as easy as checking a box.

By allowing customers to subscribe to your SMS list as a part of their initial purchase, you gain another valuable avenue for building strong relationships with your most desirable site visitors—those who buy your products—from the get-go. 

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Klaviyo is excited to be one of the first SMS marketing platforms to offer this feature for Shopify. The consent at checkout feature was previously only available for Shopify Plus users—requiring Shopify customers who wanted to use a similar one to build custom integrations or use methods outside of Shopify. 

While other tactics such as signup forms, multi-step forms, click-to text options, and more are important to implement, collecting consent when someone’s checking out is a great first step towards turning one-time purchasers into lifelong customers. 

Collecting text marketing consent isn’t optional

Capturing someone’s permission to text them is a legal requirement in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia—and violating privacy and spam laws could land you with hefty penalties and fines. Collecting SMS consent at checkout is one of the easiest ways to ensure you’re growing your list in a legal, compliant way. 

This feature allows you to reach high-intent customers on the channel they want to be communicated with. 

Don’t just take it from me—studies show that 54% of consumers would like to receive promotions via text message but only 11% of businesses actually send out messages this way. Plus, 85% of customers prefer to communicate directly with their favorite brands via text.

If you use Shopify and you’ve been tossing around the idea of implementing text messages into your marketing strategy, now is the perfect time to do so. You can hit the ground running and grow your SMS subscriber list quickly by letting customers opt in at the time of checkout. 

Use consent at checkout and watch your SMS list skyrocket

Sending relevant, personalized messages is a sure-fire way to help your brand stand out from the others competing for your audience’s attention. When you grow your SMS list through consent at checkout, you can seamlessly start sending timely, memorable texts to your most engaged subscribers. 

Here are some ways consent at checkout can help you scale your business: 

  • Eliminate friction for customers to opt in. Collecting consent can be a roadblock for some of your site visitors who are hoping to easily sign up for your texts because it can sometimes feel like a lot of work. Consent at checkout allows your customers to sign up for your SMS marketing messages in just one click. 
  • Turn single purchasers into long-lasting buyers. Customers who opt in at checkout are already engaged with your brand—and this is your chance to capitalize on that. Send them texts with updates about their order, timely promotions, or even a personalized message when an item they looked at goes on sale

Your path to text message marketing success

If your ecommerce store is on Shopify, now is your chance to kick your SMS list growth into high gear. 

Let people give you their consent to text them at checkout, then start connecting with those who are most eager to hear from you—on the channel every marketer is talking about (and every consumer is already using). 

Ready to start seamlessly collecting consent? Read our step-by-step guide on how to set up consent at checkout. 

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