What’s New in Klaviyo: February Product Updates

Klaviyo is constantly making its software more intuitive and comprehensive so that you—the marketers, entrepreneurs, and creators—stand the best chance at creating memorable moments for your audience. 

And to kick things off, here’s what’s new in Klaviyo for February:

Identify and track Apple Privacy Opens with custom reports and segmentation

In September 2021, Apple released iOS 15—an update that includes the new Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature. This feature hides email open behavior by pre-loading email images and preventing senders from knowing when and if a recipient has opened their email. 

As a result, you may have seen inflated open rates that aren’t an accurate representation of the open engagement of your messages.  

Klaviyo released new features that allow users to track and analyze inflated Apple Mail opens. Now, Klaviyo users can more accurately measure their email open engagement.

You can add a new field on open email metrics called “Apple privacy open” to flag opens that are likely affected by MPP. When you use this metric when creating custom reports and segmenting your audience, it allows you to better understand your subscribers’ actions. It can also further personalize communications with your subscribers based on their email engagement.

building a custom segment in klaviyo

Learn how to configure custom reports to track Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Flow improvements, custom fonts, and more

The way you work with your software can dictate the outcome of your workday—meaning that it helps to have an automation platform that works with you, not against you.

To improve your workday—and your experience with Klaviyo—you can now: 

Find your flow faster

You can now browse automations or flows by goal, making it a breeze to find and implement the flow that’s right for your business needs, like preventing lost sales and building customer loyalty. 

Regardless of your experience level, you’ll easily be able to find a flow that fits your goals.

klaviyo flows library

Learn more about the redesigned flow library 

Customize your emails so they align with your brand’s personality 

Your brand’s aesthetic is essential to the identity of your business, and fonts are a key way to express yourself.  

Now, you can use custom fonts to help your emails stand out from your competitors. Take control with a design that’s truly your own—no pesky code required. Simply navigate to the template editor in Klaviyo to see the new options available. 

klaviyo template editor with an image of clothes and boots in the top half

Learn how to add custom fonts to your email templates 

Revert a scheduled campaign to draft mode 

Spot an error in your campaign after you hit the schedule button? No biggie. Now, you can edit campaigns that are scheduled to send without having to clone it, delete, and start from the beginning. 

It’s like a magic eraser for your mistakes—it doesn’t take time away from your other tasks, and it allows you to focus on other priorities. 

pause and edit campaigns in draft mode

Learn more about the draft-mode feature

Activate short codes and support French keywords in Canada 

Do you want to send text messages to your subscribers in Canada with a short-code phone? Now you can. Hop over to the SMS settings page in Klaviyo and request a new or ported Canadian short code. 

The recognition of French keywords is a compliance requirement for anyone using a short code in Canada. If you have an active sending number that supports sending SMS messages to Canada, by default your account will now recognize and respond to French keywords for subscribe, unsubscribe, resubscribe, and help.

phone with french keyword response

Learn more about keywords for SMS marketing

Integration with Bold Commerce and Klaviyo joins CWTA

Track subscription metrics from Bold Commerce, without leaving Klaviyo 

If you’re a subscription-based brand, determining when people subscribe or unsubscribe is essential to helping you understand what’s working well in your customer journey. It also helps to identify the areas that need improvement.

You can track the metrics that matter most to you with our new Bold Commerce integration—without ever needing to leave the Klaviyo platform. As an example, you can use the “upcoming subscription order” to seamlessly trigger an automation to your customers—they’ll stay in the know, and you’ll save precious time. 

Learn how to integrate Bold Commerce into your Klaviyo account

With compliance comes confidence

It’s essential that you protect your business by ensuring that the emails and text messages that you send to customers comply with the laws in the jurisdiction where you do business. 

Klaviyo understands just how important compliance is, which is why we’ve become members of Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). With this membership, we’ll stay up-to-date with industry best practices and compliance laws in Canada. 

Much like our membership in CTIA, we now have the opportunity to help mold what the future of mobile communication policies looks like—an opportunity that’ll help shape how Klaviyo users communicate with their audience.   

Updates tailored for you 

Each day, week, and month, we’re working behind the scenes to refine our platform to better serve your needs and goals. Check back every month to see what’s new in Klaviyo. It’s an opportunity to review and consider the features that will improve your workflows—and your customers’ experiences.

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