Our 19 Favorite St. Patrick’s Day Email Examples (Updated for 2020)

st patricks day email marketing examples

Editor’s Note: This article has been been updated as of the current publish date to reflect the most recent insights.

What’s the only thing we love more than St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s Day emails! That’s why we’ve put together a compilation of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day-themed email examples. 

Holiday-themed newsletter emails are a great way to connect with your customer base by offering themed sales, coupon codes, or specialty products. St. Patrick’s Day is a particularly fun holiday that gives brands the chance to test their luck with fun wordplay or a shamrock emoji and many of our customers take full advantage of this marketing opportunity. 

Check out these 19 St. Patrick’s Day email marketing examples to see why we think each brand is worth their weight in gold:

1. William Murray Golf

Why it’s great:  This email features Bill Murray holding a bottle of Jameson with the tagline, “May The Luck Of The Murrays Be With You!” Normally, it doesn’t get much better than that, but the lower section of the email (not pictured) also features a variety of green shorts, polos, shamrocks, and, of course, more Jameson. They also offer free U.S shipping on all orders over $100 and free shipping on exchanges, which is a great offer for new customers who may not know the brand’s sizing yet.

2. 47 Brand

Why it’s great: Not only do they offer an awesome “Buy one get one free” deal, they also guarantee delivery in time for St. Patrick’s Day so you can order with confidence that you’ll be able to rock your cap in time for any Celtic festivities. They clearly outline the steps you need to take to get your hats and provide a link straight to their St. Patty’s day offerings. Plus, all of the product offerings are green and feature shamrocks to fit the holiday.

3. BirkSun

BirkSun St Paddys

Why it’s great: BirkSun incorporates St. Patrick’s Day into their logo in the form of a shamrock, which is a great way to subtly change your branding for holidays. We like that their email isn’t glaringly St. Patrick’s Day-themed apart from the message and the green-accented backpack they feature. The email promotes a contest where you can enter to win the exact backpack they show in the pictures, which is a smart alternative to just promoting a product since it encourages social engagement. BirkSun does a fantastic job of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day without being too in-your-face about it, while also inspiring customers to interact with their brand on other channels.

4. Transparent Labs

Why it’s great: They provide not just one, but two discount codes to incentivize a larger purchase, plus an extra five percent off the singular green product that they carry. Transparent Labs also uses content to entice consumers by linking to a very color appropriate article called, “The Power Of Legit Green Superfood Drinks.” And, of course, we can’t forget to mention the amusing buff leprechaun character lifting two beers over his head, clearly in support of nutritional St. Patrick’s Day deals.

5. Neff

Neff St Pattys Day

Why it’s great: Neff’s email is short and digestible, featuring a curated selection of all-green products for St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to shop with Neff for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s no question on which items would be best. Their headline—“Our St. Patrick’s Day No Pinching Kit”—is related to the holiday without straying from the brand’s normal tone.

6. Gramovox

gramovox st p

Why it’s great: Gramovox demonstrates how brands that can’t easily alter their product selection for the holidays can still incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into their emails. Gramophones can’t be cherry-picked like a selection of green clothing can, but Gramovox still takes advantage of this holiday marketing opportunity with thematic graphics. Additionally, they use content—in this case, a playlist—to lead to a more product-related call-to-action (CTA) for customers to listen to it on a Bluetooth Gramaphone 2.0. We’re impressed with Gramovox’s ability to start to bring customers down the funnel in a single email, while also taking advantage of timeliness.

7. Your Tea

Why it’s great: Like Gramovox, Your Tea shows that you can use the holidays to your advantage, no matter what your product selection is. The email is short and the CTA is loud and clear: click the lucky clover. Interactive emails are a great way to drive engagement, while the directness of the content works well for the brand since recipients don’t have to scroll or read blocks of text to know what action they should take. We also like that Your Tea also took a different approach to the traditional St. Patrick’ Day sale offer or green product promotion by creating a contest.

8. Perlier

Why it’s great: Not only are they offering free shipping on orders over $100, but you can also get 15 percent off anything on their entire site with the discount code “Lucky.” Perlier strikes a nice balance of using colors and images to craft an email that speaks to their audience. We like that they use a muted green and gold, which is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day but still stays true to the neutral tones of their brand.

9. Petal & Post

petal and post st p

Why it’s great: Petal & Post uses their signature style to incorporate St. Patrick’s Day into their email. We like the clean layout that draws your attention to a central image of a shamrock and a clear CTA. Holiday flash sales are a great way to drive customer engagement and a strong sense of urgency in the headline encourages recipients to act immediately.

10. Moon Magic

Feeling Lucky? Get $15 off any purchase of $50 or more. We see some sparkle in your future! Shop now for $15 off any purchase of $50 or more using code LUCKY. Shop Now Sale Ends 3/18

Why it’s great: Moon Magic uses a gif highlighting various jewelry you can buy for your night (or day!) out on St. Paddy’s, whether you’re going to a parade or the dive bar next door. The gif catches your eye as soon as you open the email and they offer a flat $15 off any order of $50 or more. How lucky! They also state the sale end date of 3/18 to increase the urgency to purchase and get your sparkly, green accessories before the day arrives.

11. West Coast Shaving

West Coast Shaving st p

Why it’s great: The images in this email cleverly tie the West Coast Shaving to St. Patrick’s Day by showing leprechauns’ various facial hair styles. In terms of creativity, it doesn’t get much better than this. The brand also takes the opportunity to share their background story with the recipient, which is a great way to share the company’s mission with new customers who may not be familiar with the brand story.

12. Hint

Hint spd

Why it’s great: By including a three-step process, Hint creates an easy-to-follow roadmap for you to place an order for a specific offer—a 3 flavor bundle. For customers that might have only tried one or two of Hint’s flavors, this is a great way to encourage them to try a new one. Hint also incorporates St. Patrick’s Day into their logo and makes their primary call to action explicit and impossible to miss.

13. Privacy Pop

privacy pop spd

Why it’s great: Like Your Tea, Privacy Pop sent an interactive St. Patrick’s Day email that leveraged the holiday theme. They also gamify the process by hiding a discount in a secret lucky draw game and making the offer something customers can win with the right amount of Irish luck.

14. The Mountain

the mountain spd

Why it’s great: The Mountain packs two themes into one email: St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness. Their email is a bit longer than some of the others we chose, but their products are especially relevant to both events and it’s great that they featured several options for consumers that may be more excited for one than the other.

15. Homage

homage spd

Why it’s great: Homage also has a product catalog that lends itself well to St. Patrick’s Day, but they took the opposite approach to The Mountain. Homage’s ultra-simple, streamlined email makes the CTA clear and the attractive visuals draw recipients’ attention. Plus, we love the quirky copy that stays on theme.

16. Bark Shop

Why it’s great: We love the way BarkShop made a loose connection to St. Patrick’s Day in attempt to get in on the fun and created the perfect opportunity to send subscribers the most premium kind of content—happy dogs with their toys. Would drinking a Guinness make reading this email better? Maybe. Do we need one to enjoy it in the first place? Definitely not. 

17. Death Wish Coffee

Why it’s great: What’s the best way to make something Irish? By adding Jameson, of course. Death Wish Coffee might not sell the spirit themselves, but by sending a recipe for Irish Coffee, they managed to prove their relevance for St. Patrick’s Day, while also providing subscribers with the steps to make a delcious, hot, spiked beverage.

18. Wanderer Bracelets

Why it’s great: Wanderer Bracelets takes a different approach to St. Patrick’s Day by celebrating all the things they’re lucky to have. Each example includes images of their product featured in everyday scenarios like drinking, laughing with friends, and holding hands and still manages to stay on theme. We love that this takes a more humble and authentic approach to the holiday, which also matches their brand more than a typical St. Patrick’s Day email would

19. Fenty Beauty

Why it’s great: Fenty Beauty uses St. Patrick’s Day to highlight their only green shade—Midnight Wasabi. But what’s so impressive about this email is that the content takes it a step further by creating an entire look based around the “wicked green” lipstick including a video tutorial and related product recommendations. And it doesn’t stop there. They also include user-generated content submitted by customers with the hashtag #MidnightWasabi at the bottom of the email to show more makeup enthusiasts just how great the shade looks on people in real life.

Which email is your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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