Growing Together: Introducing Klaviyo’s Two New Partner Programs


Agencies of all shapes and sizes have been helping their clients share their brand’s story and achieve their business objectives for decades. But as consumers demand more from the brands they shop, delivering growth has never been more challenging.

Customer expectations are evolving rapidly, technology continues to advance, and noise in traditional growth channels can be overwhelming. Agencies are under tremendous pressure to be more innovative, more strategic, and more responsive to and mindful of the needs of their clients.

That’s where Klaviyo’s partner programs come in. Our closest and most successful agency partners have discovered new ways to work with their clients to help them drive deeper and stronger connections with their customers. They do this by leveraging the channels their clients already control—their website, email, and mobile.

"As an e-commerce and marketing agency that's scaling really quickly, we wanted to align ourselves with a platform that we believed in and we trusted, and that we saw results from for our clients. I like to call them grand slams. We've had a lot of grand slams for our clients on the Klaviyo platform, and I think the sentiment internally at our office is kind of when you know, you know. That's how we feel about Klaviyo and that's how we feel about the platform. Our clients love it and that's the most important thing we care about."

Micah Levy, Noticed

When we first kicked off the Klaviyo Partner Program, it was a one-size-fits-all structure that grouped both agencies and advocates together. Over time, it’s become clear that distinct paths for these different types of partners would provide a better experience for our partners and, more importantly, their customers. By ensuring our partners have the best support possible, we’re amplifying our ability to deliver our core mission—to help companies grow.

Today, we’re excited to unveil two new Klaviyo Partner Programs—these programs collectively bring more resources and ways for us to work better together. By carefully listening and iterating, we’ve designed a set of programs that are tailored to how partners have told us they’d like to engage. Now, you have a choice for how you want to work with us—one program for those who just want to spread the word on the power of owned marketing and one for those who specialize in helping clients harness its power.

  • The Klaviyo Influencer Program was the foundation of Klaviyo’s original partner program. This program has been enhanced to focus on helping marketing influencers, retailers, and others who deeply believe in the power of Klaviyo’s platform and want to evangelize it across their audiences (and receive rewards for those referrals!).
  • The Klaviyo Agency Program is brand-new and launches today. This program is for agencies that want to collaborate more closely on their customers’ marketing goals and, specifically, email services.

"One of the greatest things about the Klaviyo partnership is not just the fact that they work with you to help understand how best to position email marketing and, specifically, the Klaviyo platform to the merchant, but also what you can do from a strategy perspective to help them [the customer] understand how they can drive revenue."

Nihar Kulkarni, Roswell Studios

What does the new Klaviyo Agency Program entail?  

While the Klaviyo Influencer Program is designed for more passive engagement, the Klaviyo Agency Program is all about action. The Agency Program has one goal in mind: growth. We’re dedicated to helping our agency partners grow their businesses while further enabling them to grow the businesses of our mutual customers. The Agency Program offers two tracks to achieve this goal:

Klaviyo Advisor Track

This track is for agencies and consultants who provide marketing services to brands, but those offerings don’t include email marketing services.

Complementary marketing services may include, but are not limited to, SEO, SEM, Facebook ad management, website development, website design UI/UX, Amazon channel management, creative design, strategic consulting, brand development, content creation (copywriting, photography, videography), system migrations and integrations, and more.

Klaviyo Master Track

This track is for agencies and consultants who provide their clients with all aspects of email marketing services. Those at the highest tier of this track are Klaviyo experts.

Email marketing services may include, but are not limited to, strategic guidance, technical support, system migrations, template design, and holistic management—everything from soup to nuts.

Regardless of which track is the best fit for your agency, Klaviyo offers comprehensive benefits, plus the peace of mind that your client is using the best technology to own and drive their growth.

Here are some of the highlights of the Klaviyo Agency Program:

  • Revenue share for referred leads and managed accounts
  • Track-based training and enablement
  • Dedicated support
  • Co-marketing opportunities
  • Product roadmap and feedback sessions

"At MuteSix, we choose to partner with only best-in-class solution providers. Klaviyo has proven to be at the top of their game time and time again."

Rachel Tyers, MuteSix

How can you become a Klaviyo partner?

Whether you’re an agency that wants to provide marketing services for current and prospective Klaviyo customers or you’re a Klaviyo enthusiast who wants to be rewarded for referring businesses to Klaviyo, the new Partner Program provides you with an opportunity to grow your business while helping others grow their businesses, too.

Learn more about Klaviyo’s new partner programs or sign-up to become a partner today.


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