The Ultimate Guide to (Last Minute) Holiday Marketing

Black Friday Last-Minute Marketing Strategy

The Klaviyo Customer Segment Episode #5

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! It’s a podcast designed to share the incredible insights we gain from one-on-one conversations with our customers.

In episode #5, Kevin and I sit down with technical writer and veteran Klaviyo Marissa Petteruti to talk about her recently created Black Friday Cyber Monday marketing guide. Marissa used her years of experience helping our customers use Klaviyo effectively to provide a step-by-step, day-by-day guide for holiday marketing results — perfect for those who might have, let’s say, procrastinated their planning until the last minute.


We introduce Marissa Petteruti, Technical Writer at Klaviyo for 3.5 years, and ask about the vibe at the Klaviyo office over BFCM. She then provides a introduction to her BFCM guide.


The first key: don’t let your BFCM sends be the first emails you send after signing up. Marissa lays out a plan for ensuring deliverability is top-notch before your campaigns are launched.

The Plan

Marissa uses the calendar approach to lay out what to send and when to send it over the entire weekend and beyond (see calendar below). Woven throughout the discussion are tips for how to approach sending, which segments to send to, and how to track or measure results along the way. There are also a few nuggets about how to best leverage social media during the holidays to bolster your campaign strategy.

What do I do after the holidays?

Do I keep sending or give people a break? The plan doesn’t stop on Cyber Monday!  Marissa lays out some best practices for how to extend the life of your holiday campaigns to nudge those who haven’t purchased yet or extend deals to your big time customers.

It’s definitely not too late

The Ultimate Guide to (Last Minute) Holiday Marketing is designed to help you succeed in the final weeks leading up to the big weekend. There’s still time to execute a great plan that produces great results. You can do it — this guide will help.

Listen to the full conversation!

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