Grow and Engage Your Audience: A Look at Klaviyo’s Latest Product Updates

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Imagine trying to develop a relationship with someone, but you couldn’t communicate directly. It would be difficult to create a long-lasting connection. The same goes for building a relationship between your brand and your customers. 

If you can’t communicate directly, you can’t create a great customer experience that will help you grow your business. Third-party marketplaces, like Amazon and Etsy, act as gatekeepers. They make it hard to learn about and communicate with your shoppers because they’re in control of those relationships. 

But on your website, you’re your own gatekeeper. Your digital storefront is the place where you can turn visitors into subscribers, engage them with content and offers they care about, and eventually convert them into loyal, lifelong customers who come back to buy time and again. 

Klaviyo’s latest product updates give you more ways to grow your email subscriber list and engage your customers with SMS marketing. Grow your business like never before with these new tools that will help you create even more relevant, personalized customer experiences at scale.

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SMS marketing in Canada: Expand your audience

As you plan to expand your customer base, you need to meet your customers where they are—even if they aren’t located in the U.S. 

Over 3,500 Canadian Klaviyo customers and many more U.S. customers who have clients in Canada kept asking, “When is SMS coming to Canada?!” 

The wait is finally over! Klaviyo text message marketing is now available in Canada. 

Deliver a great customer experience through email and SMS marketing, build an engaged audience, and make even more sales with Klaviyo’s powerful and intuitive text message marketing platform—now available across Canada and the U.S. 

New to SMS marketing? You’re not alone. Many marketers haven’t yet realized the power that a channel like SMS holds for their brand. But think about it: Not everyone uses social media or online marketplaces like Amazon—but most people have a cell phone. According to a study from G2:

  • 3.5 billion people communicate via text message
  • 85 percent of people say they prefer to communicate directly with their favorite brands through text

Beyond that incredible reach, brands using SMS are also seeing impressive open and clickthrough rates. Why? Consumers are much more selective about which brands they subscribe to via SMS versus email, so your SMS audience is more likely to be highly engaged and have high intent to make a purchase from your brand, which means higher conversion rates for you. 

Klaviyo customers who have added SMS to their marketing strategy have seen the power of this channel for themselves.They’ve increased their revenue from Klaviyo by 12 percent after just 30 days. What would 12 percent more revenue mean for your business?

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Mobile Two-Step Forms: Grow your SMS list without sacrificing email capture

Your website visitors (hopefully) want to hear about your next great offer. But the more friction they experience on their path to subscribing—like having to fill in multiple fields—the less likely they might be to submit their information. 

Two-step forms are the remedy. A two-step form is simply a long form that’s broken into two separate screens. The best part? Shoppers browsing products on a mobile device love them.  

  • Conversion Fanatics conducted an experiment and found a 59 percent increase in conversions when a single-step form was transformed into a multi-step form. 
  • Another experiment saw conversion rates jump from 11 percent to 46 percent after implementing multi-step forms, despite asking the consumer for a lot of details like email, phone number, name, and more. 

Your website visitors shouldn’t have to fill in their email and phone number together in order to submit a form on mobile. In a perfect world, you’d capture emails and phone numbers together with one form, but that’s not a great experience. You may see higher drop-off rates, which could sacrifice your ability to capture emails entirely.

Klaviyo’s Mobile Two-Step Forms can help you create a better signup experience for your website visitors. If you show your visitors one form-field at a time, they’ll be more likely to convert at each step, which will help you to grow your email and SMS lists without any sacrifices. Plus, with click-to-text signup and consent, you can quickly capture SMS consent from your customers on their phones by letting them subscribe in two easy taps.

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Learn more about collecting consent

Dynamic MMS: Send personalized product images

Do you remember the last product you looked at online or that you added to your online cart? Your shoppers probably don’t, either. A visual reminder can be an easy way to bring your products back to the forefront of your site visitors’ minds. And that’s exactly what Dynamic MMS can help you do. 

With Dynamic MMS, you can automatically send personalized text messages that visually remind your customers about the items they loved on your website or added to their cart, which could nudge them closer to completing their purchase. By personalizing your texts with product offerings and images they’ve shown an interest in, you’ll increase your likelihood of making a sale. 

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Learn how to add a dynamic image to a text

Quickstart Forms: Turn your website visitors into paying customers

One of the best ways to build brand awareness and land new customers is by building your email list, fast. Visitors who come to your website may want to learn more about new products or promotions, and stay in touch for future deals. But, if you don’t capture their subscriber information, then there’s no way you can directly communicate with them. That means you’ll miss out on valuable opportunities to send them relevant content that could lead them to make a purchase. 

You can offer your site visitors something valuable, like a discount code, in exchange for their email or phone number. But you may not have the time to design and set up forms on your website with everything else you have to do. Enter, Quickstart Forms. 

With Quickstart Forms, you can set up forms on your site in less than five minutes so you can start capturing subscribers without the hassle of manually building a signup form. Plus, Quickstart Forms automatically pull in your brand’s logo, font, and colors so you can feel confident that your new form will align with your brand’s style and be ready to help you grow your subscriber list in no time.

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Learn how to easily start capturing subscribers

Reports Library: Unlock insights quickly and easily

Making decisions based on cold, hard facts just feels right. When you craft your marketing strategy based on data, you can make smarter decisions for your business and your customers.  

But if you don’t have a data analyst or a big team, you might not have the time, resources, or expertise to build the reports you need to gain such insights, let alone know the right questions to ask to clearly understand the health of your business.

Klaviyo’s new Reports Library was built based on established ecommerce expertise, interviews, and anonymized insights from thousands of brands like yours. This library houses recommended pre-built reports that give you quick access to your valuable data so you can answer your most important business questions. 

Uncover opportunities to grow your brand by first selecting auto-suggested questions about your performance. Then get access to Klaviyo’s library of ready-made reports that put the keys to unlocking your growth at your fingertips.

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Learn how to identify opportunities for growth

Grow your audience with Klaviyo’s latest product updates

These five latest product updates from Klaviyo can arm you with new ways to grow and engage your audience through the channels that you directly own and control. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s new to ecommerce marketing or a brand-building expert at a scaling business expert, you can use these new tools to grow your business in the   fast-changing digital world. 

Want to learn more about Klaviyo SMS? Discover how SMS can help you build deeper customer relationships.  

Ready to see these features in action and grow your brand?

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