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April 30, 2024
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Today, I’m excited to announce the release of Klaviyo portfolio, a new feature designed to simplify the way businesses manage multiple brands and regions in our platform.

At Klaviyo, we believe marketers need to take back their time and focus on what they do best: creating, collaborating, and connecting with customers. We’re on a mission to minimize busywork.

It’s why we’re investing in Klaviyo AI, and why we believe the future of CRM is autonomous. And it’s also why we’re launching Klaviyo portfolio.

We know that 40% of our customers operate multiple Klaviyo accounts—and we heard you when you said you wanted a more seamless experience. With Klaviyo portfolio, you can now link various brand or regional accounts into one centralized view, for global performance reporting and straightforward management of assets, billing, and users.

So your marketing teams can focus more on work that moves the needle, and less on toggling between accounts.

We’re really excited about the Klaviyo portfolio release. It really allows us to streamline and be nimble.
Courtney Meehan
Director of digital marketing, Liberated Brands (parent company for Billabong, Roxy, Quiksilver, and more)

The challenge of multi-account management

We often hear from marketers managing multi-brand or multi-regional businesses that they’re feeling bogged down in repetitive tasks.

Many platforms require them to toggle between their accounts to do basic user management, billing, or reporting jobs, which reduces efficiency.

With 3 accounts, it takes 3 times as long to execute things.
Kate Hogan
Senior ecommerce manager, BondiBoost

Some platforms recommend merging all stores into a single account to simplify workflows. However, this can create clutter and lead to compliance issues.

Other platforms offer tailor-made solutions that demand extensive developer input and complex data management to implement.

Our team knew we could beat the status quo. By a lot.

The benefits of Klaviyo portfolio

We created Klaviyo portfolio to solve the multi-account management problem for good, so our customers can grow seamlessly from one site to many.

This new feature will help mature marketing organizations operate more efficiently—and, ultimately, drive more ROI.

Klaviyo portfolio offers customers 4 immediate benefits:

1. Deeper insights with a global reporting dashboard

The Klaviyo portfolio global reporting dashboard gives a comprehensive overview of all sub-brands and regions. By centralizing data from multiple accounts in one place, and converting it to the brand’s default currency, the dashboard makes it easy to compare performance across brands, or dig into performance in a specific region.

Ultimately, this feature turns complex datasets into clear, actionable insights—so marketers can make strategic decisions in real time.

That one unified view is going to be huge for me. Oftentimes something happens to one brand, and we want to see if it’s happening to another one. Klaviyo portfolio is an easier way for me and my team to notice trends quickly.
Courtney Meehan
Digital marketing director, Liberated Brands (parent company for Billabong, Roxy, Quiksilver, and more)

2. Faster execution with multi-account cloning

Klaviyo’s multi-account cloning helps customers grow efficiently. Whether marketers need to roll out a high-converting flow across accounts—or duplicate a campaign, template, form, or segment—it just takes a few clicks with Klaviyo portfolio.

Our easy cloning helps accelerate marketing efforts and maintain consistent, high-quality customer interactions across brands and regions.

Klaviyo portfolio is going to really help us. We can spend less time doing small duplicating tasks, and more time updating and making changes account-wide.
Zinta Nowland
Ecommerce specialist, QuadLock

3. Better forecasting with centralized billing

Klaviyo portfolio makes budget management easy with centralized billing.

Marketing leaders gain complete visibility into usage across all accounts, and receive percentage-based alerts when they approach their plan limits—so they always know where they stand financially.

Centralized billing also offers teams clearer insights into each account’s plan value over time—so it’s easier to assess spending patterns and account-level ROI.

Now, we can view the accounts and the billing plans and the respective usage independently. That gives us more accountability.
Victor Yacaman
Head of ecommerce, Leonisa

4. Simpler operations with multi-account user management

Growing teams often struggle to manage user access and permissions across accounts—and that’s why Klaviyo portfolio offers consolidated multi-account user management.

Now, customers can see every user across every account in one place, eliminating the need to switch between accounts to monitor roles and permissions. This comprehensive view gives each team member exactly what they need to be effective.

Changing the multi-account management game

Marketers make the biggest impact when they have time to think big picture.

To carve out that time, they need to work with efficient software that minimizes copy-and-pasting, toggling, and time-sucking manual busywork.

With the launch of portfolio Klaviyo is that low-friction marketing software, for companies and brand groups of all sizes.

Klaviyo portfolio is going to be a game changer.
Kate Hogan
Senior ecommerce manager, BondiBoost
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Jen Kessler
Jen Kessler
VP of Product
Jen Kessler is the VP of product at Klaviyo, where she has scaled an innovative team focused on expanding Klaviyo’s suite of products to better serve the needs of our customers. Previously, she served as senior director of product management for Twilio, where she led multiple API-based product lines and helped lead the diligence and integration for Segment. She also founded, which was acquired by SendGrid in 2017.