Introducing the Klaviyo Partner Portal: our newest investment in helping our ecosystem grow with us

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May 1, 2024
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Today, we’re excited to launch the new Klaviyo Partner Portal: your one-stop-shop for managing your Klaviyo book of business.

In 2023, we gathered feedback from our ecosystem of 6K partners—in 1:1s, in panel settings, on social media, and through surveys—and learned that you wanted more from our partner program.

This new partner portal is one of many new things that are coming, all of which are the product of that feedback. As we continue to listen, learn, and work side by side with our partners, our ecosystem can expect more investment, tools, and training that will help your businesses grow alongside ours.

And the timing of this partner portal launch couldn’t be more pivotal, as the needs of our mutual customers have changed.

The evolving ecommerce ecosystem

5 years ago, our customers needed email tools that let them spin up sends quickly, personalize messages, and drive relationships and revenue at scale. Our platform and our partner ecosystem matched that need.

Today, our customers still need email, and a whole lot more. They’re looking for platform consolidation to increase business efficiency, data management that doesn’t require an information management degree, and a holistic view of their customers so they can more quickly meet changing consumer expectations.

To address these growing needs, we’ve built a robust, multi-channel platform and expanded our partner ecosystem. Klaviyo and partners now offer tools and capabilities throughout the customer journey—piping all data into a customer’s central source of truth.

We’ve moved quickly to evolve, and we want to ensure that our ecosystem not only is up to speed on where we see the market headed, but also has the resources to capitalize on the opportunity with us.

The benefits of the Klaviyo Partner Portal

Every vendor you work with will have a portal, but not all portals are created equal. That’s feedback we heard loud and clear, and we’ve been on a mission to differentiate our offering ever since.

Based on a survey of our partners, we identified 3 key areas Klaviyo could most help—and built those into the foundation of our new portal.

1. Increased sales and growth for all

Our partner ecosystem prioritizes helping our mutual customers grow. That often means our partner agencies don’t have abundant resources for their own marketing—and Klaviyo’s new portal was designed to help. Here’s how:

  • Lead generation support: To scale effectively, our partner ecosystem needs to acquire and close new business—and our new partner portal provides co-brandable campaign resources to help our partners launch lead generation programs more quickly.
  • Client health dashboards: Our new client health dashboards make customer NPS and product usage visible to Klaviyo customer success managers and partner organizations, so we can easily collaborate to improve a mutual customer’s Klaviyo ROI.
  • Marketing and promotional support: Campaigns create revenue opportunities, and our new partner portal has a growing library of evergreen, co-brandable campaign content that is easy to access and activate.
  • Training and resources: Empower your sales team with training programs, tools, certificates, and more through our new partner enablement hub.

2. Stronger partner relationships

Partnerships are relationships, and we’re dedicated to powering smarter digital relationships. Our improved partner portal focuses on building stronger bonds with our partners. Here’s what you can find:

  • Early access to new product features, updates, launches, and certifications: Our partner ecosystem is the extension of Klaviyo’s team. The partner portal is your centralized source for all early-access information on how our product is changing—and how you can bring more innovation to your clients, quicker.
  • Vertical- and region-specific resources: Access a personalized content hub built specifically for your regional or verticalized audience, as well as case studies, stats, and more that apply to your specific audience.
  • New ticketing system: We’ve made it easy for you to ask questions and get support directly in the portal. With our new ticketing system, you can ask questions and share feedback, all in one place.

3. More fun, friendly competition, and co-branding

We’re introducing a little friendly competition by popular demand. Our surveys revealed a desire for more incentives, rewards, and awards for partners to hang their hats on. Plus, our partner ecosystem is excited about collaborating even more closely with Klaviyo to produce programs that wow the industry.

Here’s how we’ll deliver: :

  • New incentives and rewards: We plan to introduce exclusive incentives and rewards to spotlight top-performing and fast-growing agencies with awards, accolades, and coveted prospect visibility.
  • More collaboration and partnership opportunities: Our new partner portal helps facilitate co-marketing efforts with Klaviyo. Showcasing success stories from previous initiatives, we’ll give you ideas on what works and how Klaviyo’s brand can help you grow.

We’re only 1% done

This last year has been a remarkable one for us, and the market has spoken loud and clear: Klaviyo is on a winning path. We’ve surpassed our closest competitors, serving over 143K customers—24K of which have joined us just in the last year.

This kind of success is not possible alone.

Our partner ecosystem has been integral in building and growing Klaviyo with us. Your expertise and activation has propelled Klaviyo to extraordinary heights. And, we’re only 1% done. The horizon ahead is even brighter and together. I know we’ll drive toward even greater success, and the Klaviyo Partner Portal is just the beginning.

Visit the new Klaviyo Partner Portal today.
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Scott Segel
Scott Segel
Scott is the director of agency partnerships at Klaviyo and he's on a mission to help partners and their clients grow their businesses through Klaviyo’s partner program. Prior to Klaviyo, Scott spent several years building online brand communities at his own startup. When he’s not thinking about partnerships, he’s often cooking, playing the ukulele, or traveling the world in search of tasty snacks.