Homage’s Modern Growth Marketing for Vintage Apparel

The #1 goal of ecommerce companies is growth. No matter what stage of business maturity they’re currently at, online retailers are looking to grow in size and revenue. We’re always excited to see the forward progress of our customers, and to learn which marketing practices have led to their success. One impressive company is Homage, an apparel brand that has grown by leaps and bounds in its years with Klaviyo.

Homage's website screenshot showing Ohio t-shirt, a limited sale & long sleeve Henley shirt offer

Homage’s unique vintage t-shirts and apparel turn back the clock with shout outs to eclectic moments and personalities in sports, music, and popular culture. While their products may have old-school flavor, their email marketing is decidedly modern. Eleven years ago the company started out as a one-person show in the basement of the founder’s parents’ house. Today the multi-million dollar business is preparing to open its 7th brick and mortar store, has 125+ employees, and hundreds of thousands of global customers in its email database.


"We’re not in this for one transaction. We’re in this to make customers and build relationships for life. That’s what makes us unique and what helps us grow the audience that we want to have. "

Expansive email marketing

Even with the addition of physical stores, email remains Homage’s primary marketing tool and revenue driver. For the past 8 years, their online revenue has grown by double digits year over year – a full one-third of that growth attributable to email, and the rest split between their other 7 marketing channels. They say the key to their email success is relying on Klaviyo’s segmentation and automation abilities to focus in on their customers and do some cool marketing.

Homage’s WWE-inspired email campaigns are segmented specifically to subscribers whose behaviors (purchases, browsing, in-store sign ups) demonstrate an interest in wrestling. They return up to 75% higher CTR than the company’s average email returns. That’s a batch and blast beat down!

Homage WWE email featuring 3 wrestling t-shirts

The three marketing practices Homage recommends to grow anyone’s ecommerce business are:

Segmentation. According to Homage “emails targeted to specific groups almost always perform better for us than general emails sent to our entire audience.”

Automation. They recommend every ecommerce store set up 3 key email flows – abandoned cart, back in stock, and win-back – and let those triggered emails do marketing work for you.

Test, test, test. Test different subject lines and content with your segments to learn what works for your customers, and also what to avoid. You’ll begin to learn more about your customers and understand how to give them the best possible experience.

Small ecommerce businesses start every day in basements and garages around the world. A lucky subset of those remain active a decade later, and even smaller number expand to thriving ecommerce and physical stores. When we’re able to work with companies using best practice email marketing to drive their growth success, we want to pay those companies homage!

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