View flow performance at a glance with the new flows page redesign

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March 1, 2023
Announcing the redesigned flows page

Automations, or flows as we call them at Klaviyo, help you make money in your sleep. They allow you to send targeted messages that are triggered by an interaction someone has with your business. For example, if someone is shopping on your website but abandons their cart, you can automatically follow up with them at the right point in time to encourage them to complete their purchase.

As a marketer, understanding how your flows are performing is vital to growing your business. Custom reports or the flows performance dashboard are still great options for getting granular with your data. But if you’re short on time, you need a quick snapshot of flow performance so you can see which ones need your attention and which ones are driving the best results. Klaviyo’s new redesigned flows page takes the work out of checking flow performance and can be easily further customized to meet your specific needs.

Customize your flows page

The redesigned flows page gives you greater control over how you want to see your flow data. In the past, you’d click into the flows page and be presented with limited options for customizing this view. You could sort your flows by status or tags, but you didn’t have much flexibility. 

Here’s what this redesign brings to your flows page:

  • Choose your conversion metric to specify the metric you want to see performance data for across all flows (i.e Placed Order, Active on Site, etc) 
  • See which channels are sending in each flow through intuitive channel icons
  • Set the reporting timeframe to today, 7 days, or 30 days ago
  • View when the flow was last updated
  • Sort your list by flow status, last updated, revenue, or revenue per recipient
  • Search for flow name, select tags, and select flow status
The flows page redesign is now available

See flow health in one click

While we are proud to offer granular custom reporting, we also aim to empower you to view key flow metrics at a glance. Learn more about the flows page or click your flows tab to customize your flows page today. 

Shoshana Antunes
Senior product marketing manager
Shoshana Antunes is a senior product marketing manager at Klaviyo, focused on the platform’s email and review products. She is passionate about supporting SMBs and believes they are the heartbeat of communities, and offer the ability to create generational wealth for business owners and their families. She’s spent the last 6 years in tech and 8 years in marketing working to improve experiences and processes for small businesses. Outside of work, she often has her head in a book, working toward her goal of reading 30 books in 2024. She also (mostly) enjoys doing DIY projects for her fixer upper, though she says she isn’t particularly handy. Shoshana has her MBA from Boston University.