The Ecommerce Email Marketing Maturity Model

email marketing maturity model

One of the questions our support and account management team get all the time is: “What the heck is everyone else doing?”

It’s clear that ecommerce marketers are constantly thinking about new ways they can grow their businesses and keep up with their peers. So we decided that it was high time for us to create a guide to help ecommerce marketers and shop owners discover how they stack up.

Click here to see our first Ecommerce Email Marketing Maturity Model

If you’re scratching your head wondering what exactly a maturity model is, don’t worry. It’s simple.

A maturity model is a rubric used to determine what stage businesses are at with respect to any given functional area or strategy. A good maturity model will help you understand how to advance from one stage to another.

For instance, you might be a merchant that’s just launched an abandoned cart flow. If you’re following the industry news, you might be hearing about companies that are using predictive analytics to segment their campaigns. How do you go from here to there?

Think of a maturity model as a robust chart/report with all the info you need to know how to improve an area of your business.

While it’s tempting to try and skip to the most advanced tiers, you need to be mindful and develop all the earlier steps in order to build a strong foundation. Often times a business might find their efforts scattered across the different tiers of a maturity model. Rest assured, that’s normal.

So sit back, relax, and dig into the Ecommerce Email Marketing Maturity Model!


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