Send Unique Coupons in your Marketing Campaigns


Shoppers love getting a deal on their favorite products and brands. Merchants love converting their browsers into buyers by offering personalized or limited-time discounts.

What merchants don’t love is seeing their codes show up on discount aggregation websites and not being able to control how many coupons are used or offered. Usually, merchants can only send a single code to all campaign recipients and have limited control over how many times it was used, so it was only a matter of time before it showed up on

Klaviyo is changing the game. We’ve got great new coupon functionality for all of our customers:

  • Shopify merchants can now send unique discount codes in a campaign.
  • Customers using other ecommerce solutions can upload coupon codes to send in campaigns and flows.
  • All customers can send coupons as bar codes that can be scanned at your brick & mortar locations.

Now, you have full control over your coupons. You can send each campaign recipient their own individual code–no more universal discount codes showing up on coupon-sharing websites. You have control over how many times each code is used, when it expires, which products it applies to, and how much it’s worth. You’ll no longer have to hunt your codes down online or cycle your codes on a regular basis. One person == one code. It’s just that simple.

Shopify Coupon Features

Coupon codes in campaigns is available right now to all of our Shopify users. Sending a coupon code in a campaign is easy–you’ll need to set up a new coupon and tell us how many codes to create. We’ll generate the unique codes in Shopify. To include your coupon code in the campaign, just add the coupon template tag in your email template. We’ll automatically make sure that each recipient gets their own code when we send the campaign. Each unique coupon code will be shown on the recipient’s profile, so you can verify that they received a code and the details of the discount. To get started, check out the Help Center documentation.

Coupon feature in Klaviyo email marketing platform

There are a few things you need to know before using this feature:

  • It takes time for Klaviyo and Shopify to generate your unique codes. We can generate about 360,000 codes in an hour, so it would take about 3 hours to generate 1M codes. Please plan ahead.
  • You can only use this feature with coupons that never expire or that expire on a certain date. That is, you can use it with a coupon that expires on June 15, 2018, but not with a coupon that expires “in seven days.” Calculate the expiration date based on the date you plan to send the campaign. If you’re planning to send a code valid for 14 days out on June 10, you’ll want to set the expiration date for June 24.
  • If you don’t have enough codes generated for all your recipients, we will remind you that you need more codes and refer you back to the coupons page so you can create enough codes for every recipient.
  • If you recalculate recipients at send time, you could potentially end up with more recipients than coupon codes. In this case, we would skip sending messages to any recipients for which we did not have a coupon code. If this happens, we recommend generating another batch of codes and sending a follow-up campaign to the skipped recipients.
  • Shopify has a per-store limit of 20 million coupon codes. This includes both codes generated by Klaviyo, codes created by any other third-party app, and any codes created directly within Shopify.

Dynamic Coupons for All Merchants

Not using Shopify? We’re not leaving you out of the party. Our coupon upload feature lets you generate a csv file of coupon codes from your ecommerce system – regardless of what you’re using – and upload it into Klaviyo. You can then use the coupon code variable in your email template and send it as either a flow or a campaign. We’ll make sure that each person is assigned their own unique coupon code, and we’ll show you which code a person received on their profile. You’ll need to manage the coupon in your source ecommerce system and upload new codes when we’re running low, but Klaviyo takes care of including these coupons in emails.  Contact our support team to enable this feature for your account.

Ecommerce platforms integrate with Klaviyo coupon feature in platform

Barcodes for Point-of-Sale

And for all our customers, we’ve got a nifty little feature to use at your brick & mortar or popup locations. If you want to offer scannable bar code coupons to your customers, just include the following variable in your email: {% barcode_code ‘CouponName’ height=100 width=250 %}. You can customize the height and width, and we’ll automatically send a bar code rendering of the unique coupon code. Check out our help documentation for more details.

DVD & Blu Ray barcode coupon display

We’re so excited to see what you do with these new features and to hear how they’re helping your business. We want to help you spend more time on what matters to your business and less time doing the tedious work of managing and refreshing your coupons. There are more great coupon features coming for our other ecommerce integrations soon, so stay tuned. Let us know how this feature is working for you or tell us what you’d like to see next by emailing us at with the subject line “I have an idea!”

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