Default Email Segments for Making Money Fast

default segments

Segmentation is the cornerstone of effective digital marketing. It gives us the ability to cluster our customers into small groups to whom we can send highly targeted, personalized communication. In fact, segmentation is so effective that in January of this year, Klaviyo customers earned 11x higher revenue per recipient on segmented emails vs. email blasts to their entire mailing list. Clearly it’s a money-making-must-have, but it can be hard to know what to segment on. Klaviyo is committed to helping every marketer grow their business, so we took the top best practice segments and made them available for all new customers to enjoy.

When you create a new Klaviyo account, you’ll immediately have access to the following segments:

  1. New Subscribers. Every new subscriber is an opportunity to make a great impression. Introduce your brand by sending a converting welcome email to these new subscribers.
  2. Engaged Profiles. You should always seek to target people who interact with your brand. This segment makes it easy by gathering all of your engaged contacts in one place. Use it to identify customers to send general marketing and promotional emails to. Sending to your engaged profiles is a sure fire way to improve your Deliverability.
  3. Potential Purchasers. These are customers who have shown a recent and recurring interest in your brand, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Send this segment a campaign highlighting your top-selling products or a get-it-before-it’s-gone sale, to push them across the finish line.
  4. Repeat Buyers. Repeat purchasers are the fastest and most affordable way to grow your business. Increase their purchase frequency and lifetime value by sending them campaigns highlighting your best selling products with our product feed.
  5. VIP Customers. This segment identifies top tier clientele who consistently patron your business. Foster these important customer relationships by giving them exclusive promotions, sending thank you notes acknowledging their business, or requesting referrals to find your next, best customer.
  6. Winback Opportunities. Recently lapsed customers who purchased in the past, pose a unique opportunity to reignite the customer relationship. Re-engage this segment of customers by sending them a winback flow or campaign.
  7. Churn Risks. This segment identifies customers who have fallen to the wayside. Target these at-risk customers with a “buy or die” flow;  a last opportunity for them to re-engage or be added to the unengaged segment.
  8. Unengaged Profiles. All things must come to end, including customer relationships. The unengaged segment identifies users who have stopped interacting with your brand in a more permanent way and who will likely unsubscribe or file a spam complaint if you email them. Use this segment to identify contacts that need to be suppressed or excluded from campaign sends – remember that emailing unengaged recipients is a surefire way to harm your deliverability.

At Klaviyo, we want to provide every marketer, large or small, with access to the tools, techniques, and strategies used by the top players in the game. Start sending to the new default segments to today or use them as building blocks and inspiration for your own segmentation strategies. As always, if you have any feedback or ideas, please email us at with the subject line “I have an idea!”


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