Purchases aren’t the exception to personalization: Buy with Prime puts your customers in control

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June 8, 2023
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Online shopping is all about convenience. You can do it from anywhere—your home, the airport, the beach, the car, or in between meetings at work.

And because of that, even small barriers to convenience can jeopardize someone’s decision to make a purchase—especially at a time of economic volatility, when consumers are thinking more critically about how to spend their discretionary dollars.

According to a recent Klaviyo survey, 99% of consumers are aware that inflation is affecting the cost of goods—and 67% say it’s already affecting their purchasing decisions.

As a brand, you can’t do much about the economy. But you can work to remove or lower your customers’ barriers to buy.

One way to do that: a tried-and-true purchasing method like Amazon’s Buy with Prime.

New to the Buy with Prime scene? Read on to learn:

  1. What Buy with Prime is
  2. How Buy with Prime differs from traditional shopping methods
  3. Why Buy with Prime matters for online businesses—and their consumers
  4. How to increase LTV and conversions with the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime app

What is Buy with Prime?

Amazon’s Buy with Prime is an online retail app that lets shoppers purchase items with an experience they know and trust on participating ecommerce stores.

As US-based Prime members shop beyond the confines of Amazon’s website, Buy with Prime allows them to enjoy free two-day shipping, check-out details that auto-populate from their Amazon account, and more.

How does Buy with Prime differ from traditional shopping methods?

Typically, when someone adds the products they want to their online cart and proceeds to make a purchase from your website, they have to fill in a variety of form fields:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information, including email address and phone number
  • Billing and shipping addresses
  • Details of their preferred payment method

After they click “check out,” they—hopefully—receive an order confirmation email or text message with notes about their order, directions on how to track their package, and information about the other messages they might expect to receive post-purchase.

But the check-out process rarely goes that smoothly. Buying something isn’t always a linear process, meaning it doesn’t always follow the ideal trajectory of:

  1. Add products to cart.
  2. Drop in all required information.
  3. Click “buy now.”

The more hurdles a shopper has to overcome to buy your products, the more likely it is that small distractions will weasel their way in and prevent someone from completing their purchase.

The more hurdles a shopper has to overcome to buy your products, the more likely it is that small distractions will weasel their way in and prevent someone from completing their purchase.

Say someone is shopping on their couch in the living room, but then they realize their credit card is sitting upstairs on their dresser. They might not feel inclined to relinquish their cozy spot for a non-essential item that was only a “nice-to-have” anyway.

Or perhaps someone has their card information memorized and fills out the required information in a flash—only to reach the shipping fields and realize their package won’t be mailed out for 2 weeks.

Amazon’s Buy with Prime alleviates all of these potential concerns—for both consumers and merchants.

When someone checks out with Buy with Prime, their Prime account information, including their desired shipping address and payment information, auto-fills on the brand’s website. Plus, they receive the two-day shipping benefits Prime members know, love, and have come to expect.

Consumers enjoy the ease of convenience, while you—the merchant—land more sales.

Why does Buy with Prime matter for online businesses?

On its surface, Amazon’s Buy with Prime is just another way consumers can make a purchase. But when you look a little closer, you find benefits that mean it’s more than just a technology feature or app—it’s an experience.

It’s more than just a technology feature or app—it’s an experience.

Participating merchants get to offer:

  • A seamless ordering process. Shoppers can easily add items to their cart and complete their purchase in a matter of clicks. Saved payment and shipping information further speeds up the process, eliminating the need for someone to repeatedly enter their personal details every time they want to buy something.
  • Fast and reliable shipping. A top convenience of Buy with Prime is the expedited shipping options available to US-based Prime members. They receive free two-day shipping on eligible items, ensuring timely deliveries. In certain areas, same-day or even two-hour delivery may be available, making it an ideal option for urgent or essential items.
  • An enhanced customer experience. If they choose to participate in Buy with Prime, sellers are vetted and verified—which means shoppers gain an added layer of trust in participating merchants and the products they offer. Additionally, Buy with Prime allows consumers to view authentic product reviews and ratings from other verified buyers. This level of transparency leads to more informed shopping decisions and positive experiences.
  • Exclusive deals and discounts. Prime members also have the advantage of accessing exclusive deals and discounts through Buy with Prime. These exclusive offers may include significant savings, early access to sales events like Prime Day, and member-only promotions.
  • A simplified returns process. Buy with Prime offers hassle-free returns with pre-paid return labels that make it easy to initiate the process and send items back. Best of all, Amazon handles this on behalf of the merchant—giving marketers and business owners time back to focus on nurturing their subscribers and customers, rather than fussing with logistics.

Increase lifetime value and boost engagement with the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime app

Regardless of how your customers purchase products from your site, what’s most important for your business is access to the data that purchase produces—like average order value (AOV), cart abandonment, item SKUs, whether the shopper used a discount, discount amount, etc.

You might feel worried that if customers check out with Buy with Prime, you won’t be able to track that sale or those data points like you normally would. Or that if you had that information, it wouldn’t sync with the rest of your customer data—creating disparate dashboards of information.

Shake off those worries. When you partner with Klaviyo, you don’t have to treat your Amazon Prime customers and your non-Prime customers differently.

With the Klaviyo for Buy with Prime app, you can:

Access a single, real-time view of every customer

The Klaviyo for Buy with Prime integration pulls in a quick and easy sync of customer order data, giving you a holistic view of each and every customer. This means you can make—and act on—predictions about a customer’s:

  • Next order date
  • Lifetime value
  • Churn risk
  • …and more

Prime or non-Prime customer, Klaviyo gives you access to the data you need to create and deliver highly personalized experiences across all your digital channels.

Increase conversions and revenue

Abandoned carts aren’t going away. This integration gives you the ability to re-target customers who initiated a Buy with Prime order but did not complete check-out.

You can also use Klaviyo’s advertising integrations to attract new customers that made similar Buy with Prime purchases and cross-promote other products that are eligible for Buy with Prime—upping the relevancy of the messages you send and increasing your likelihood of making a sale.

Build and nurture direct customer relationships

With more control over your customer order information and data, you can:

  • Automate post-purchase flows.
  • Ask customers about their experience and collect feedback.
  • Cross- and up-sell with unique product recommendations based on purchase history.
  • Create different segments of customers who purchase through Buy with Prime.

Acknowledge your customers’ preferred method of purchasing and treat them all with the same attention to detail and level of tailored communications to keep them coming back to buy again and again.

Consistent experiences, no matter how your customers prefer to buy

Personalization is a term that’s used a lot throughout the ecommerce industry—by brands, marketers, founders, and consumers alike.

It can mean different things to different people, but at its core, it refers to the idea of meeting your customers where they’re at, on the channels they prefer, with the specific products and services that add value to them as individuals.

Personalization is the idea of meeting your customers where they’re at, on the channels they prefer, with the specific products and services that add value to them as individuals.

Amazon’s Buy with Prime is another way brands can do just that. It removes purchasing roadblocks and gives consumers control over how they buy. Merchants that participate not only drive sales, but also get the added bonus of developing more trust with their audience, without sacrificing access to data that can be valuable later on.

Personalize the purchase experience—and watch the customer loyalty roll in.

Meet your customers where they prefer to be.
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