Building a Successful Rewards Program

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! It’s a podcast designed to share the incredible insights we gain from conversations with customers, partners, and Klaviyo experts.

In episode #6, Kevin and I sit down with Kirsten Burkard, the Lead Content Editor on the Marketing team at, to talk about building an awesome rewards program. Kirsten and her counterparts are rewards program experts, and she shares some really useful tips on making rewards programs work for you.


We introduce Kirsten, ask about her role at and the weather in Canada before jumping into the rewards program conversation.

Why is a rewards program important?

Kirsten explains that because ecommerce is such a competitive space, brands need rewards programs to help stand out from the crowd. A good rewards program can help grow a business while lowering expenses.

Starting a rewards program

Kevin and I ask about the do’s and don’ts for starting a rewards program, and what types of information an ecommerce store owner should consider before creation. Most importantly, Kirsten explains how it’s best to just keep things simple.

Rewards program structures

Are rewards programs all about points? Kirsten explains the different types of programs you can create and how they can work together or separately.

How and Klaviyo work together

Klaviyo and work great together from a technical standpoint. Kirsten, Kevin and I talk about ways to use rewards program data to create targeted, timely customer messages.

Benefits of a rewards program

Do rewards programs really move the needle? Yes, because of the increased value of repeat customers and how rewards programs keep people coming back for more.

Listen to the entire conversation.

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