7 Ways to Increase Newsletter Sign Ups On Your Site (Without Being Pushy)

Building relationships with your website visitors and turning them into customers is the goal of every online store. And, of course, building an email list of people with a newsletter sign up on your website is a great way to grow those relationships. Nothing new there. But getting those people to sign up can sometimes be trickier than you’d think.

And that’s where it can be difficult to balance encouraging people to sign up and being a little, or in some cases way, too aggressive. The risk is you’ll turn potential customers off who might have otherwise become customers. And once someone leaves, they’re likely gone forever. The simplest example of a tactic that’s pushing the limits is when a website ask you to take a survey or join an email list when you first hit their home page. For some visitors, it’s actually what they want. They might be familiar with that brand or business and didn’t know they could subscribe for announcements and special deals. But for others, it might be too much, too soon.

Without going into the pros and cons of those techniques, I want to point out there are plenty of other ways to increase sign ups with little or no risk or upsetting people. They only require a few minutes and can help improve conversions dramatically. Here are seven of them we’ve seen work well:

1. If your sign up form is “below the fold,” move it up the page so people can find it.
This seems obvious, but a lot of websites put their newsletter sign up in the footer and forget about it. Not many people are going to get all the way to the bottom of the page and that’ll hurt conversions.

How do I join your email list?

2. Improve the call to action next to your sign up form.
If your sign up just says “Newsletter Sign Up” or “Subscribe,” you’re probably like 95% of other websites. But what is someone subscribing to? What’s in it for them? Be more descriptive about what they can expect to get out of your emails – whether it’s special offers, new product announcements or just something funny.

3. Make your sign up visually prominent. This one is easy and can have a big effect. Use a contrasting color for the sign up button so it stands out. Also, increase the size of the subscribe button. The larger the button, the easier people think it is to click and the easier signing up seems. That’s psychology at work.

4. Offer some immediate gratification for signing up.
It’s much more satisfying when you take an action and get an immediate reward. That reward could be a new subscriber discount or it could be exclusive content about your hottest products. You can also vary the reward based on who signs up by offering a slightly larger discount for people who aren’t customers yet versus those that are so the emails people receive are super personal.

5. Instead of a pop up that blocks the entire page, try a “slide out” sign up.
Slide outs (or fly outs) appear to come out of the side of the page after someone has been on the page for a few seconds or when they scroll down. These are great because their less obtrusive but still catch people’s attention. They’re also nice because they are triggered by a visitor doing something. Rather than being harassed, it’s almost like a reward.

Flyout Example

A flyout sign up grabs someone’s attention without forcing them to immediately decide to sign up.

6. Be upfront about how often you’ll be sending email.
Joining an email list is a form of commitment. But what exactly is someone committing to? There’s a big difference between receiving an email every day or two and once a month. What should someone expect? Even better, give them the option to choose how often to receive emails after they subscribe on a preferences page.

7. Use different sign up messaging on different pages.
Different areas of your website attract people for different reasons. If someone’s browsing new items, your sign up should say “Get New Product Updates” while someone on the sale or specials page is probably more interested in “Be the First Know About Special Offers.”


So, want to increase newsletter sign ups? Give those ideas a try and let us know what works best for you.

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