5 Ecommerce Newsletter Templates

Newsletters are a form of email campaign that informs your customer about brand updates, product promotions and other company related information. They are a high engagement form of customer engagement and a part of the marketing strategy for retention.

Newsletters are the foundational emails of any email marketing strategy, and oftentimes the starting point for new ecommerce stores. Having several different newsletter templates allows you to vary the layout of your emails in accordance with the content. Similarly, if you’re segmenting your newsletters based on subscriber preferences, you may need a different template for each segment. Here are five newsletter templates you should have in your toolbox:

1. Create a hero template

Snack Newsletter Template design sample

Hero templates are sometimes also called “snack” templates because they’re short and sweet. These templates consist of:

  • A headline
  • One large “hero” image
  • A short blurb describing the purpose of the email
  • One call to action

Hero templates are designed to encourage recipients to navigate to an external link, whether it be a product on your website, a sale webpage, a blog post, or something similar. By streamlining your email, you focus recipients’ attention on this singular goal.

2. Design a image-only template

newsletter design with only an image if a valley that says Spring 2016 collection

For an even simpler approach, you can use an image-only template. Like hero templates, image-only templates are designed to direct recipients to another page. Image-only templates are sleek and modern, and are a great way to showcase a new product.

To add more context to your email, you can use a photo-editing tool to overlay text onto your image, but don’t go overboard because too much text can look clunky. Use any text sparingly. The key aspect to keep in mind is that the image you choose should be striking — in other words, you need to provide an image that can speak for itself.

One thing to be wary of for this type of email, though, is that if your subscribers don’t have images enabled in their browser, your email will appear blank.

3. Try an image gallery template design

Image Gallery Newsletter Template design sample

Image gallery templates consist of:

  • A headline
  • A hero image
  • A short description
  • 3-6 more images

Image gallery templates are longer-form hybrids of snack and image-only templates. The central focus of the email should be on the images, not the text. Image gallery templates are a great way to display a new seasonal collection or other related group of products.

4. How about a checklist template

Checklist Newsletter Template design sample

Checklist templates are best suited for informational newsletters rather than product-focused ones. They contain:

  • A headline
  • A list of 3 or more icons
  • A corresponding list of sub-headlines and descriptions

Checklist templates can inform subscribers of any administrative changes in your company, like new shipping and return policies. If you’re looking to download icons for your checklist template, Snappa has a great range of options.

5. Storyboard template can be popular

Storyboard Email Template design sample

A storyboard template contains a balance of text and images.

  • Each image should have a headline
  • Each image should have a text description
  • There should be an even number of images so they can be laid out in a grid format

Storyboard templates are best for summarizing information. If you send a weekly newsletter to one segment and a daily one to another, for instance, a storyboard template is a great way to condense the information in the daily emails into the weekly one. Like checklist templates, storyboard templates are best for informational newsletters rather than product-focused ones.

Which of these templates do you use for your newsletter? If you want to automate email marketing and have predesigned templates to choose from maybe give Klaviyo a try.

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