Email and SMS marketing for the restaurant industry

More new guests. More frequent visits. More sales. All in less time (because there’s never enough time).

Unify your data to fuel more powerful restaurant marketing

Customer retention

Know your guests better to keep them coming back

Klaviyo seamlessly connects to restaurant POS, loyalty, and other systems—giving you a unified, in-depth, real-time view of your guests.

Armed with that rich customer data, you can send relevant email, SMS, and mobile push messages that bring guests back for more.

  • First-time guest follow-ups
  • Seasonal menu updates
  • Limited-time specials
  • Coupons and promotions
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Merchandise cross-selling
A guest's activity log, with events for PAR Punchh, Olo, and SMS. An automation for guests who sign up for rewards. A text confirming signup.

Custom segmentation to cut through the noise

Klaviyo adapts to the unique aspects of your restaurants, so it’s easy to send targeted messages to precisely the right guests.

New customer acquisition

Better ways to bring in new (or lapsed) guests

Subscribe more web visitors

The power of personalized marketing is only possible if you have people’s contact info. Klaviyo web forms give guests an easy way to stay in touch.

Turn occasional guests into regulars

Stay top of mind by reaching restaurant guests on Google and Facebook. Klaviyo’s built-in integrations with ad networks enable powerful retargeting.

Find future loyalists with lookalike audiences

You’re sitting on a gold mine of customer data. By using Klaviyo to power lookalike audiences in Google and Facebook, you can reach new people who are more likely to love your restaurant.

A segment for a restaurant's best customer (placed order value >$100, ordered within last 30 days), and a Facebook ad targeting existing guests
Custom reporting and analytics

Reveal insights to fuel your restaurant’s success

Klaviyo’s reporting gives you a deeper understanding of what drives results at your restaurants.

  • Create custom dashboards
  • See which channels drive revenue
  • Spot areas of opportunity
  • Work more efficiently and control costs
  • Track your busiest locations
  • Identify top items and seasonal trends
  • Explore results by individual segment
  • Compare performance across all accounts side-by-side with Klaviyo portfolio
Klaviyo reporting, showing a table and a daily column chart of a Klaviyo's restaurant by source: ezCater, Uber, DoorDash, and Olo.

Legal Sea Foods drives $21K+ in Father’s Day Klaviyo revenue with segmented testing

“I would definitely recommend Klaviyo to an intelligent brand that can use the data to their advantage. I was able to gather so much information from each send, and then apply it to the next one.”
Danny Catullo, VP of ecommerce, PPX Hospitality Brands
The Klaviyo logo and Legal Sea Foods logo. A large stat showing $21K+ Father’s Day revenue. In the background, image of sea food cropped in a flag shape.

Restaurant marketing FAQ

Restaurant marketing is the sum of all activities aimed at promoting your food, service, and overall dining experience. This includes online advertising, social media engagement, and email marketing. Klaviyo integrates with various platforms to give you a unified approach to restaurant marketing.