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It is undisputed that email and SMS drive directly attributable revenue. However, a question remains, would your subscribers still have purchased if they didn’t receive any marketing from your brand?

Klaviyo’s new global holdout groups allow brands with large customer bases (400k+ profiles) to suppress a percentage of their profiles from receiving any marketing messages from Klaviyo and provides analytics to understand the difference in conversions between the holdout and non-holdout group — showing the incremental lift their email and SMS marketing generates.

The challenge

Prior to the release of Global Holdout Groups, there were a lot of complex steps and custom reports needed in order to measure the incremental revenue driven by email, SMS, and app push. Without an easy to use holdout feature, oftentimes lean marketing teams didn’t have the bandwidth to measure the true lift they generated. 

When marketing does not have the data to show the impact of their efforts, this can result in the teams that manage email, SMS, and mobile app push being undervalued by their organizations — leading to lower budgets for retention teams that drive millions in revenue.

Klaviyo’s Global Holdout Group feature does all the hard work for you, making it easy to determine the incremental lift from your email, SMS, and push marketing in three easy steps — by using the new Global Holdout Groups feature. 

The first step is to select the percentage of your account’s profiles that will be excluded and when you choose when you want the test to end, 3 months is recommended.

Step two is to select any flows that you want to override the holdout group, such as transactional messages. That’s it, Klaviyo takes care of the rest.

While a global holdout experiment is running you will be able to override a holdout group to send any campaign or flow without interrupting the test. Ideally, overrides should only be used for sending non-marketing communications in order to determine the most accurate lift generated by email, SMS, and push marketing.

Step three comes at the end of the experiment, when Klaviyo will provide analytics on the differences in purchase behavior between the holdout group and all other profiles — giving you the percentage lift generated by your email and SMS marketing.

Global Holdout Groups is available to all Klaviyo customers, who have over 400,000 profiles, within the Experiments section of the platform. Already a Klaviyo customer? Set up your Global Holdout Group now.

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