The new developer tools page

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In this product release we announce a new home for developers in Klaviyo

All the resources you need in one place

Developers have a new home in the Klaviyo app. The developer tools section organizes api-key management, platform status updates, guides and resources, and in the future, API analytics.

Build with Klaviyo, faster

With all of the investment we have been making into the developer experience at Klaviyo, it’s time that we gave developers their own place in the app, to organize all our developer offerings in one place. This will be the location where new developer-focused products are housed.

Developer Tools Screenshot
The new developer-tools page

From getting started with your first API call and generating sample data, to managing existing api keys, the developer tools page has everything you need as you build with Klaviyo. Developer focused announcements, status updates, a unified search experience across existing resources, and the home for developer-focused product launches in the future, make this the place to be when working on our platform.