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Klaviyo’s new Deliverability Hub

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Deliverability plays a huge factor in the success of your email program, because it determines if your marketing messages actually make it to your subscriber’s inbox. Klaviyo has always provided tools to help brands understand their email deliverability, but today Klaviyo takes the next step by allowing you to understand your account-level deliverability at a glance and what actions to take to improve deliverability when necessary. 

Klaviyo’s new deliverability hub creates a new area of the platform dedicated to deliverability. This new tab houses pre-built reports to help you understand key engagement metrics that impact deliverability, breakouts by inbox provider (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo), a detailed bounce report, and even alerts to proactively let you know when you need to take action — all built specifically to help you maximize your open rate and subsequently your email revenue.

The challenge

Understand account level deliverability and how to improve

Prior to the release of the Deliverability Hub, you had to piece together information to understand their performance. Key metrics such as open, click, bounce, unsubscribe, and spam rates were available for individual campaigns or flows, but there wasn’t an aggregated view out of the box. You didn’t have an easy way to view their account level metrics without running time consuming reports. 

With lean marketing teams being spread thin, there was a risk of decreasing email performance going unnoticed until it had done serious damage to your deliverability. Which is why a central hub where marketers can quickly get answers to all their deliverability questions, was a top feature request from Klaviyo customers.

The solution

Klaviyo’s Deliverability Hub

The Deliverability Hub was built based on customer feedback to give marketer instant access to all the reports needed to ensure strong deliverability — at the account level. These reports include key metrics, send volume broken out by inbox provider, along with positive and negative engagement metrics. You can filter based on date range, message type, message category, and more.

While it is great to have this centralized deliverability hub, not all marketers will be able to immediately recognize when a metric is a cause for concern. And for those that do, we know you don’t have time to constantly refresh the deliverability reports looking for issues. That is why Klaviyo built deliverability alerts that will let you know if a key metric is performing poorly, and proactively share troubleshooting guides on how to fix the specific issue. Klaviyo will alert you of the following:

  • Low open rate
  • Low click rate
  • High bounce rate
  • High spam complaint rate
  • High unsubscribe rate
  • Overall account reputation issue

The Deliverability Hub even features a Bounce Details Report that provides an aggregated view of all email bounces and the reason for them. Knowing why your emails are bouncing, broken out by inbox provider, allows you to take action to improve your deliverability.

Getting started

The Deliverability hub is available to all Klaviyo customers within the Analytics section of the platform. Already a Klaviyo customer? Go to your Deliverability Hub now.

Learn more

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