Automate omnichannel customer experiences

Increase revenue and engagement by delivering personalized messages at key moments throughout the customer journey.

Optimize across channels

Use artificial intelligence to identify the most effective send time, frequency, and messages for each customer. Scale your marketing with precise omnichannel attribution across channels, including:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Forms
  • Social targeting
  • Push notifications
A graphic illustrates a discount being offered in different channels.

Build audience segments quickly

Define multidimensional, auto-updating segments based on any combination of real-time events, profile properties, and predicted values. Segment based on factors like:

  • Location
  • Tendency to use discounts
  • Products viewed
  • Purchase history
  • Email and SMS engagement
  • Any other kinds of data you integrate
A graphic shows a segment being built to group customers with similar buying behavior.

Automate timely messages

Increase revenue and long-term loyalty by triggering personalized messages at key moments. Klaviyo One makes it easy to set up and customize automations, including:

  • Welcome series based on acquisition source
  • Browse abandonment based on cart value
  • Repeat purchase and nurture flows for customer retention
  • Win-back and cross-sell messages for re-engagement
  • Back-in-stock and price drop alerts for VIP customers
  • Happy birthday messages with discount offers
  • Transactional order and shipping updates
  • Direct mail, powered by webhooks
  • Additional custom automations for any need
A flow chart illustrates a customized automation in Klaviyo.

Personalize communication at scale

Drive more valuable relationships by delivering more relevant content. Quickly tailor messages with features including:

  • One-click personalization based on individual customer profiles and real-time data
  • Dynamic product recommendations based on purchase history and shopping behavior
  • Insights like predicted customer lifetime value, churn risk, and expected date of next order, all fueled by machine learning
A graphic illustrates how easy it is to drag and drop product recommendations in Klaviyo.

Create the ideal customer journey

Email and SMS

Launch data-driven campaigns and automations that drive more revenue. Rich segmentation offers precise targeting based on real-time customer behavior and analytics.

Flexible templates

Quickly customize emails, automations, and forms that inspire action. Drag-and-drop templates make sophisticated design intuitive.

Customizable automations

Automate timely customer interactions with dozens of pre-built, ecommerce-ready flows—and quickly build custom automations to suit unique use cases.

Social ad targeting

Sync with Facebook and Instagram to reach ideal customers based on real-time data, multidimensional segments, and lookalike audiences.

Web forms

Collect subscribers, capture first-party data, and manage consent with flexible sign-up forms. Code-free templates include full-page interstitials, flyouts, and embedded and multistep designs.
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