Klaviyo Introduces Klaviyo Reviews

New solution helps businesses consolidate product reviews with their first party data under one platform, creating a seamless and unified post-purchase journey

Boston, June 27, 2023  Klaviyo, a marketing automation and customer data platform that drives revenue growth for businesses of all sizes, today announced the launch of Klaviyo reviews. Announced at K:LDN, Klaviyo’s second annual ecommerce summit, Klaviyo reviews enables Shopify merchants to collect product reviews with their customer data and messaging in one platform, leading to a more seamless customer experience, more accurate reporting, and time saved through application consolidation.

Reviews continue to be an integral part of the online shopping experience. According to a 2022 study, 95% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

“Product reviews are a huge part of a buyer’s purchasing decision, but collecting great reviews while providing a seamless customer journey can be surprisingly hard to achieve,” said Ed Hallen, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Klaviyo. “Most brands don’t have the time to research and integrate the right reviews, shipment tracking, email, SMS and mobile push notification solutions, which leads to double-sending, subpar email designs and poorly timed requests coming out of different platforms. With this launch, we’re rethinking what’s possible with product reviews and helping businesses double down on customer loyalty and drive more sales.”

Klaviyo reviews makes it easier for brands to set up a unified post-purchase journey, from the moment of purchase to rewarding reviewers with coupons, all from the same platform where brands’ customer data and communications are already stored and accessible. Klaviyo reviews allows businesses to:

  • Consolidate their tech stack: Klaviyo reviews helps businesses consolidate their tech stack so they don’t need to juggle multiple log-ins, pull separate reports, and manage different platforms for real-time shipment tracking and reviews, email, SMS and mobile push, saving them time and resources.
  • Personalize data: All the data – from when a package is shipped to what a customer said in their review – lives in Klaviyo profiles and events, so businesses can create segments of their biggest advocates, and proactively offer help to those who had a poor experience.
  • Send messages at the right time: Klaviyo reviews leverages real-time shipment tracking data from carriers to ensure that review requests are sent only to customers who have actually received their product.
  • Easily set-up and deploy: Businessescan simply install the Klaviyo widget, customize their flow, and immediately start collecting reviews. If businesses need to migrate existing reviews into Klaviyo, they can do so with a CSV import of all review data. The widget also provides easy-to-use and mobile-friendly review capture with options for text and photos.
  • Automate review requests: Shoppers can leave reviews that are published to a businesses’ website with Klaviyo’s one-click experience, which is fluid and mobile-first from an email or SMS. Messages are automatically sent via Klaviyo flows, so it’s easy to use and powerfully customizable.

“With other solutions, you get the out-of-the-box review request and referral flows, but you can’t set all the rules and filters and triggers that you can with Klaviyo,” said Joel Shetterly, Chief Marketing Officer of Compass Coffee. “Klaviyo wins on the customizability of the review collection correspondence.”

For more information on how to get started with Klaviyo reviews, click here.

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