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Your guide to the sporting goods industry

When you’ve gained enough distance from catastrophe, it’s almost always possible to find a nugget of gold in a heap of dirt. If you’ve been sifting through the 2020s, you’ll find that more people have traded in the societal-collapse doomscrolling for the solace of outdoor sports.

According to a December 2021 article published in the journal Land, about 20% of American adults were new to outdoor recreation during the pandemic. Skateboarding, tennis, golf, and cycling have all seen surges in total participation since before the pandemic.

The sporting goods industry hasn’t seen a growth opportunity like this since the mainstream inclusion of women in sports. “There are a lot of new people to outdoor sports, and it’s our job as brands to welcome them in,” says Tim Akers, owner, Akers Digital. “But so frequently we’re just talking over their heads instead.”

Find out how to create the ideal marketing funnel for your sporting goods brand. From building audiences to retaining them, this guide will use real-life examples and expert advice to break down how the best brands in the category are selling and segmenting audiences based on activity level.

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  • Building audiences
  • Engaging audiences
  • Moving audiences to purchase
  • Following up post-purchase
  • Collecting Customer-First Data™
  • Delivering personalized experiences
  • Retaining customers and increasing lifetime value

A look into sporting goods ecommerce

Percentage of people who say they have the same exercise routines they had before the pandemic
Percentage by which the sporting goods category grew during the pandemic
Expected growth rate of the sporting goods industry until 2025
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