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Kickstart your SMS marketing program in 6 steps

Launching your SMS marketing channel doesn’t need to be intimidating. Klaviyo’s 6 step guide will help you plan for success, properly build an SMS list, begin sending, get more targeted, and of course, track it all back to revenue.

Why invest in SMS marketing?

Of US consumers made a purchase in 2022 from a text message.
Of US consumers who made a purchase in 2022 from a text messages did so 2-3 times.

SMS marketing for beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that is especially true with newer marketing channels like text message marketing. In this guide, we’ll walk you through SMS marketing best practices more than 15K brands on Klaviyo use to build better customer relationships and drive profitability.

In our beginner’s guide, you’ll learn how to:

Vision & strategy

Determine the vision for your SMS strategy, and answer questions including:

“Why is SMS right for your brand and your customers,” “What incentives will you use to encourage subscribers to join,” “How will your subscribers benefit from your SMS marketing program,” and “How will it differ from your email marketing program?”


Ensure your SMS marketing strategy meets legal and regulatory compliance requirements:

Which include subscribers explicitly opting-in to receive your SMS messages, an SMS opt-in that is separate from your email opt-in, and not sending to customers during local “quiet hours.” Don’t worry––Klaviyo takes care of a lot of this for you.

List building

Launch sign up forms to collect phone numbers and create automated workflows:

Including sending welcome series, post-purchase series, and more. Then, we’ll dive into SMS marketing campaigns––which are some of the most successful for our SMS customers.

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