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Hit the ground running with fast, intuitive features and ready-to-go templates. You can get set up on Klaviyo, send your first campaign, and start driving sales all within 60 minutes or less.

  • Create beautiful, branded emails and forms with pre-built design templates that make your content pop — no coding required
  • Set up welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, and more in a snap with pre-built automations
  • Start pulling in unlimited real-time data from your ecommerce store and more with 100+ native integrations

Take the guesswork out of growth

Built-in insights and recommendations help you create high-performing campaigns and automations that get results fast. With powerful A/B testing and predictive analytics, you’ll keep learning even more as you go along.

  • Send emails at the perfect moment with Smart Send Time
  • Predict customer lifetime value, date of next purchase, and more
  • Discover strengths and opportunity areas with personalized benchmarks

Unlock your ecommerce store’s full potential

Klaviyo’s built-for-ecommerce features give you everything you need to create customer relationships that really pay off. Over 100 native integrations make it easy to pull in real-time data from top ecommerce platforms and more.

  • Integrate with Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more
  • Pull in additional data from product catalogs, recommendations, coupon codes, and more
  • Measure success in dollars with tracking that shows how much you earn from every message

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In less than a year, we have seen a 10x growth in email marketing sales, and that all stems from Klaviyo’s unique ability to segment, automate, and integrate with many of our other apps.

Dylan Audic
CEO of Pixel Empire

Discover why brands that grow with Klaviyo average a 65x return on investment

Entrepreneurs choose Klaviyo because it’s intuitive and powerful. But they stick with it because its enterprise-grade features are built for the bigtime. That’s why it’s the platform of choice for more than 265,000 brands from every corner of the ecommerce world.

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