New SMS Feature

Stand out with virtual contact cards

Make sure your texts don’t get lost in the noise. Virtual contact cards brand your texts so they stand out in SMS inboxes.

Level up your SMS marketing

Virtual Contact Cards

How it works for subscribers

  • Receive a text with a virtual contact card
  • Tap the contact card and create a new contact
  • Save the brand’s contact in your address book
  • No more texts from generic numbers and avatars
Virtual Contact Cards

How it works for brands

  • Create a contact card with company details and a logo
  • Add your contact card to a flow text message
  • Prompt customers to save your contact
  • Get recognized right away in subscribers’ text inboxes

How Promix is inspiring engagement

Promix has made Klaviyo SMS a core part of our owned marketing strategy. Virtual contact cards have enabled our team to create a more effective, branded experience on SMS for our most engaged customers.”
Albert Matheny, CEO of Promix

Resources for virtual contact cards