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Hyper-personalize and optimize your email campaigns for marketing

Klaviyo transforms one-time emails into personalized, dynamic campaigns—helping our customers see an average open rate of 35.59% in Q3 2022.
Make a (conditional) statement

Advanced email customization without the developers

Klaviyo has a built-in customer data platform (CDP) which provides a direct integration with tech stacks to build comprehensive customer profiles. With this data you can easily personalize campaigns for each customer using Django conditional logic statements (similar to Salesforce AmpScript).

Birthday email drip campaign set-up in Klaviyo platform

Get inspiration from top-performing campaigns

Klaviyo showcase helps you build powerful email marketing campaigns by providing insights from top-performers in your industry.

Ready. Set. Send your campaign.

Klaviyo’s pre-built campaign templates help you quickly build campaigns from scratch. To customize, add blocks that dynamically target specific audiences—so you can speak to your customers like they are right in front of you.

Travel Cat increased their revenue 49% with Klaviyo email campaigns

Knowing that we can do a lot more with first party data and then sending custom messages and content to folks based on that information we got from them directly, that’s really exciting for us.”
Emily Miethner, co-founder, Travel Cat
Klaviyo client, Travel Cat's performance metrics

Improve email marketing campaign performance with A/B testing

Create winning campaigns by A/B testing several content variations with Klaviyo’s email campaign builder.

Order rates
Test social proof, send time, and call to action (CTA) placement to learn what helps earn the eyes of shoppers.

Click rates
Change the CTA appearance, text, template organization, and images versus gifs to explore which best resonates with your users.

Open rates
Use Klaviyo’s AI-powered subject line assistant to auto-generate tests based on subject line length, emojis, personalization, and so much more to save you time and increase open rates.

Frequently asked questions for email campaigns

Email campaigns are one time sends to a specific segment of your email list, often targeting a particular event. For example, a campaign might be an email that you send on July 4 to multiple recipients at once, promoting a product or series of discounts.

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