How a UK Sports Brand Increased Email Revenue 80% Through Personalization

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Ruroc is a UK-based company that engineers motorcycle and snow sport helmets and gear to keep riders safe in the most extreme environments. Along with best-in-class safety gear, they want to delight customers with highly relevant, personalized email experiences.

Ruroc wanted to use data from their ecommerce platform to create an amazing customer experience with their email program, but they ran into issues while trying to integrate their Magento ecommerce platform with MailChimp, their email platform at the time. They needed a tight integration to connect their onsite data—like customer behavior and preferences—with customer profiles.

Magento + Klaviyo = Ownership of the Customer Data Ruroc Needed

After evaluating both Klaviyo and Bronto, Ruroc chose Klaviyo because it was simple to integrate with Magento, plus had an automation library with pre-built emails like welcome series and abandoned cart messages. The team didn’t waste any time, either—they immediately started creating personalized email journeys based on customer preferences and behavior.

The Magento integration was so simple and has immediately given us access to more customer data than we ever had with MailChimp or than I’ve seen on any other email service platform (ESP).

Paul Cartwright, Head of CRM & Web, Ruroc

The Outcomes of Deeper Personalization

In just one year, Ruroc increased their email-attributed revenue by 80%. How did they accomplish this? By personalizing the customer experience and tailoring their emails to what their customers care about most.

To ensure people only receive messages about products they care about, Ruroc tags each customer profile with which product line (motorcycle or snow) the recipient is interested in. On top of that, they also translate each communication into eight different languages and segments every message by the customer’s language preference.

Their automated email journeys based on people’s behavior—like cart and browse abandonment—yield incredible engagement, to the tune of an average click-through rate (CTR) of over 30%.

With these highly relevant marketing messages, Ruroc drives over one third (38%) of all of their revenue through their email marketing.

Customers don’t have the patience for messaging that isn’t relevant to them, so we use all the data we have—geography, onsite behavior, product interest, and more—to tailor our interactions to an incredible level, and our growth shows how much people appreciate it.

Paul Cartwright, Head of CRM & Web, Ruroc