Lashing out with SMS: Tatti Lashes generates 35% of owned marketing revenue from Klaviyo SMS

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The number one eyelash brand in Europe, Tatti Lashes, was founded in Liverpool by best friends and eyelash technicians Charlotte and Elliot. After spotting a gap in the market for affordable luxury lashes, the duo spent three years developing their own range and launched the brand in 2016. Tatti Lashes cost only a fraction of the price that competitors charge and each set can be worn up to 20 times, making them a firm favourite with consumers. The lashes are also the go-to choice for make-up artists and are loved by A-listers including Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Learn how the beauty brand achieved eye-opening success with a multichannel strategy


Tatti Lashes’ customers are more likely to use a mobile phone than a PC to browse, shop, and follow beauty and fashion trends. So it’s not surprising that the marketing team was keen to explore SMS as a channel. But where to start? The business had already embraced email automation using Klaviyo to drive owned growth, but none of its 400K subscribers had been asked for their mobile number or SMS opt-in.


Tatti Lashes enabled SMS in Klaviyo to manage both email and SMS through the unified platform. With lots of automations already running, Tatti Lashes used the drag and drop flow builder to add text messages into existing flows and apply subscriber preferences and behaviour-based splits to determine what each customer receives.

We were cautious in our approach to SMS because it can be intrusive, but the team and I all subscribe to SMS from brands we love so we could vouch for its effectiveness. The key is to be mindful of what you send, when you’re sending it, and to apply best practices.
Nina Machin
Tatti Lashes

Klaviyo’s pop-up forms entice lash lovers browsing the store to receive messages from the brand via email, SMS, or both. Existing email subscribers are captured too – they’re presented with a version that asks only for their mobile number. By incentivising sign up, the brand has gathered 40K SMS subscribers in just three months.

When it comes to measuring channel performance, Klaviyo’s attribution model allows Tatti Lashes to see which messages are driving the most revenue. Cross-channel and flexible attribution windows provide accurate reports and prevent double counting.


The brand’s rapid SMS opt-in rate has given Tatti Lashes the confidence to adopt a multichannel CRM strategy. The thinking is, if someone has subscribed to SMS then there’s a good chance that text messages are their preferred method of communication. 

Unlike many beauty brands, Tatti Lashes hardly ever discounts its product range – and the audience knows this – so incentivising subscribers’ first purchase has proved highly effective. The welcome text message achieves a 30% click rate and converts 9%.

We’re generating six-figure revenue just from the welcome SMS. People know that the brand doesn’t offer discounts so that gives us real power when it comes to devising incentives.
Nina Machin
Tatti Lashes

In addition, the brand uses SMS in the abandoned cart, back-in-stock, and win-back flows. Customers also receive a text on their birthday with a personal message and an exclusive offer code. Black Friday is one sale the brand does participate in. Here, lash fans who’ve subscribed to SMS receive a text message giving them early access to the best deals.

Results have been eye opening: across all flows text messages are achieving, on average, a 20% click rate and 5% conversion. The marketing team is also seeing faster campaign response times, due to the immediacy of the channel.

If someone asked me about using Klaviyo SMS I’d say “Just do it”.
Nina Machin
Tatti Lashes
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