What’s New in Klaviyo? October 2018

We’ve got the roundup of what’s new in Klaviyo for October. Find out how you can get started faster, add content to your live flows, and collect data from your subscribers directly inside your emails.

Also, special treat, two shoutouts to some awesome content you don’t want to miss: video recordings from some of our best Klaviyo:BOS presentations, and a crash course in creating your Black Friday / Cyber Monday strategy.

Get Started Faster

First up, we redesigned our setup wizard to make it faster and easier for you to sign up and get started with Klaviyo. The new design offers helpful prompts, minimizes the amount of information you have to enter, and provides live feedback as you set your brand colors, logo, and font. All of this minimizes the time you spend configuring your Klaviyo account and takes you one step closer to sending emails.

More Flexible Flow Scheduling

If you’re like me, you’re constantly making changes and fielding new ideas, and often you want to implement these ideas as soon as possible.

Next time you’ve got a last-minute great idea for one of your automated flows in Klaviyo and you want to test it out, or you notice a mistake in an existing flow, it’s easy to make adjustments.

In the past, when you added a new email to the end of a flow, you had to back-populate so recipients already in your series get scheduled for this new message. No longer!

Starting today, recipients will get scheduled for steps more dynamically as they move through a flow.

This means you can make updates on the flow, or add in last-minute content changes, and not worry that any customers already inside your flow might miss any of the content.

Collect Data in Emails

Next on the list, a new email tag called “update_property_link” allows you to collect information from your subscribers directly inside of an email. We all know the value of collecting more data from our subscribers, but sometimes you need to know the right time and the right way to ask for that data.

For example, as tempting as it is to add more questions or fields to your signup form, customers are more likely to sign up if they only have to submit their email.

Using the “update_property_link”, you can add a survey email in your welcome flow, and ask the important questions to your customers directly after they sign up. All of the data you collect with the gets stored on your customers’ profiles as custom properties, and is available for segmentation and email personalization.

Learn From Your Desk: Awesome New Videos

If you didn’t have a chance to join us for our first every conference, Klaviyo:BOS, now you can watch some of the best videos from the event on our blog. We’ve got tips, insights, and guided walkthroughs on everything from acquiring new subscribers to increasing your sales with targeted messaging.

And last but certainly not least, if you’ve been putting off your Black Friday / Cyber Monday planning, don’t despair — there’s still time to do it right!

Check out our brand-new BFCM Crash Course and find out how to make the most out of your holiday sending. (For the story behind the Crash Course, listen in on an interview with the course’s creator.)

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