Using Holiday Messaging to Cut Through the Noise [Watch]

This is part of a twelve-episode series, Beyond Black Friday, where we take a look at the marketing strategy behind three ecommerce brands who are doing things differently and are successful in keeping the momentum going through the holidays, some in non-conventional ways.

Building out a welcome series or other automated flow for your ecommerce store is a smart way to ensure you’re welcoming your new subscribers to your brand and sending timely and relevant messages.

But not all subscribers should get the same messages. For example, new subscribers who sign up for your email newsletter during the holidays are probably on the hunt for gifts. Updating your welcome messaging to focus on gift-giving for new seasonal shoppers is a great way to make your emails more relevant and effective.

Where to Begin for a Holiday Revamp

Winter holidays are one of the busiest times of year for the Love is Project, and they know that a lot of new subscribers will be looking for gift ideas. With that in mind, Chrissie Lam thought in advance about what types of messaging and offers she wanted to provide her holiday subscribers. Due to the nature of her business, which brings her around the world, she was able to schedule a photoshoot specifically around gifts and the theme “Merry Masai Christmas.”

For this year’s welcome series update, the Love Is Project made sure the messaging reflected gifting and emphasized the impact that purchasing has on the communities where Love Is artisans live.

While the December holiday period is one of the most obvious times for a content refresh, there are other opportunities to customize for different holidays throughout the year depending on your product and audience. Think about Valentines Day, Back to School, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, and any other seasonal fluctuations in your market.

Sweetening the Deal for VIPs

Besides refreshing their welcome series for the holidays, the Love is Project also added some extra love for their VIP customers with extra discounts, early access to new collections and offers that extend to a wider variety of products.

How You Can Level Up Right Now

If you’re looking for ways you can level up, jumpstart on an upcoming holiday or next Black Friday/Cyber Monday, check out the Holiday Marketing Crash Course from the Klaviyo Academy.

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