Using Activations and Partnerships with Email to Keep Sales Going [Watch]

This is part of a twelve-episode series, Beyond Black Friday, where we take a look at the marketing strategy behind three ecommerce brands who are doing things differently and are successful in keeping the momentum going through the holidays, some in non-conventional ways.

After an appearance on a Good Morning America Steals and Deals segment called “Gifts that Give Back,” I paid the Love is Project a visit on Black Friday to see what was in the cards for the year ahead and what they had learned from their PR moment.

For video highlights, check out the edited transcript below.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

We’re launching some new partnerships beginning January 19. The first is with Macy’s and Facebook, and we’ll be featured in their flagship store in housewares through Valentine’s Day. And we’re partnering with Bloomingdale’s in their pop-ups with a theme called Love Is, which is really perfect.

We’ll be also doing activations there and customizing and connecting with customers in New York and Beverly Hills and San Francisco. We’re also going to be featured with Free People on their website for a different collection.

Facebook came about from our account manager. They had mentioned that Facebook and Macy’s were planning to do these pop-ups and they were looking at brands that they wanted to feature, so we applied and we were chosen. So, that was really exciting. Bloomingdales and Free People, that came by way of trade shows.

Post-Valentines Day Marketing

By the end of February we’ll have a larger list. Besides continuing our email campaigns [we’re doing] trade shows, pop-up events, corporate partnerships, gifting. I think we’re going to be doing that. I think with emails, [we’ll be] able to target and be more focused on people more interested in wedding season or pride month or different types of holidays or birthdays, be more focused on how we target our customers.

How to Level Up Right Now

There’s no time like the today to begin your planning for the next year. Dive into our Post-Holiday Marketing Crash Course from the Klaviyo Academy and continue to keep up your sales momentum.

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