Check out the new digs: Klaviyo’s new and improved interface

Today is an exciting day for us here at Klaviyo. Over the past few years, as we’ve focused on releasing new features that help marketers get more targeted with their email strategy, one thing we haven’t done is make visual stylistic changes to the Klaviyo platform.

As we prepare for some new large-scale features launching soon in Klaviyo, we wanted to take some time to update the look and feel of the Klaviyo application.

What does it mean to update the look and feel of a platform like Klaviyo? What we’ve done is given each page a significant facelift. While we gave each and every page some love, you’ll see we haven’t changed any functionality. Everything is exactly where you left it, and works just the way it did before. Now, however, you will see new and improved design and styling across Klaviyo. We’ve also streamlined the use of padding, and certain colors, to provide a more consistent user experience. We hope you like our new look!

Check out these examples of some screens in Klaviyo, before and after to see this for yourself. Like our dashboard:

Here’s the old versus new Segment Builder:

And the Campaign Overview screen, with links and targets that are easier to read:

The Integrations listing page:

Stay tuned for new features we’re launching over the next few weeks that take full advantage of Klaviyo’s new appearance! Don’t miss a beat and subscribe to the blog — you’ll get updates on feature releases, as well as our freshest content, right it your inbox.

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Brian Whalley
Brian is the Marketing Director at Klaviyo. His marketing career began ten years ago in email marketing. Before joining Klaviyo, he served in marketing leadership roles at several other Boston-area marketing and sales technology companies, including HubSpot, Kinvey, and InsightSquared.
  • matt

    Looks sweet! Congrats to the Klaviyo team on a nice refresh.

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