The Klaviyos: A Data-Driven Awards Program

Today, we’re thrilled to announce our first customer awards program, The Klaviyos. In the five years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen thousands of ecommerce stores find success using targeted, relevant, data-driven marketing.

There is one recurring theme that holds on year after year though– curiosity. Store owners and marketers constantly want to know what other shops are doing to improve on the success they currently enjoy.

At Klaviyo, we’re sitting on mountains of data – everything from average order values to conversion metrics. It seemed like high time to dig in and see what success really looks like and which accounts were practicing email marketing at an expert level.


Deciding which data to look atSure there are the obvious data points like “who is making the most money” or “who has the largest list,” but that seemed too easy. We also wanted to explore more meaningful insights like, which subscriber base is the most valuable, or who is totally crushing their welcome series?

After sifting through our data both in Klaviyo as well as Salesforce, these are the categories we landed on:

Outstanding Targeted Marketing: To determine the finalists in this category, we examined accounts to see which businesses were leading the pack in terms of segmenting their main list to reach customers with the most relevant, engaging, and timely messages. These finalists have all finely tuned their segments, boasting at least 200 different segments per company.

Excellent Newsletter: We pulled data to see who had the highest revenue from a newsletter, conversions from a newsletter, and highest open-rate for their newsletter.

Serious ROI: Pretty straightforward but some powerful numbers, which stores are experiencing the highest levels of return on investment with Klaviyo.

Great Welcome Series: You only get one chance to make a first impression and these shops are irresistible. We looked at the conversion value for welcome series to select these finalists i7qtomq.

Game Changing Win-Back Series: We compared the amount of win-back emails sent to the number of conversions to see who had the highest percent conversions for a win-back series. We also set a threshold of at least 100 emails sent to eliminate any outliers or really small accounts that would skew this data.

Impressive Email Revenue: We took a look at the top revenue producing ecommerce stores using Klaviyo for email. Each of these finalists have made more than $400K using email in 2016.

Standout Browse Abandonment Email: These finalists have accmplished the art of a successful browse abandonment email(s). We took a look at percentage of conversions over the total number of browse abandonment emails sent.

The Money Maker! Top Revenue (Trailing 12 Months): These finalists are amongst the top of the pack for revenue. Each finalist has made a minimum of $25 million dollars in 2016. Cha-ching!

High Growth Ecommerce Store: Up and to the right? Yes, please! These ecommerce stores have experienced high growth in 2016. We based the finalists of this award on the biggest increase in contacts to an account.

Highly Valuable Subscriber Base: If you’re still a believer that list size equals value, check out this award– Highly valuable subscriber base. These companies have some of the highest spend per contact, each averaging at least $2 per contact.

Exceptional Integrated Campaign (FB & Email): Like peanut butter and jelly, email marketing and Facebook marketing are a pretty sweet pair. These finalists have knocked it out of the park with the 1-2 punch of an integrated campaign.

And just for fun, we had to include an award for…

Incredibly Creative Name: With thousands of ecommerce stores using Klaviyo, we’ve seen some very creative names. These finalists have some of the most unique and memorable names we’ve come across.A few interesting findingsYou can dig into the stories behind some of our finalists over on the awards page, but here are a few juicy nuggets that we found interesting.

Sometimes less really is more for a welcome series

Of the top ten companies who had sent at least 100 welcome emails in the past 30 days, seven out of ten companies we looked at only have one email in their welcome series. No one had more than four emails, which goes to show that long, drawn-out welcome series can actually be a turnoff. Read more about our findings on welcome series here.

Slice and dice your main list
All of our finalists have spent time segmenting their lists to create a more targeted and personal experience for their subscribers, we might be partial, but it seems to be working for them.

Finalists of the 2016 Klaviyos include Fashion Nova, Chubbies, Good American, Nomad, Brooklinen, and many more!

We would like to thank all of our customers, especially those that are finalists in The Klaviyos!


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