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Trigger Set Up Preview

Is there anything more frustrating than putting together a piece of furniture or a complicated toy for your kids? You carefully follow every single instruction only to find out in the end that whatever you built is missing a piece or doesn’t work properly. The answer, for those of you who’ve been in that situation, is an emphatic, “No!”

Sometimes when setting up automations, you can run into a similar frustration—building an email automation that doesn’t quite work the way you want. With the release of the Trigger Setup Preview feature in Klaviyo, we eliminate that frustration. Trigger setup preview allows you to test your filters in real-time to make sure the people you want entering your automation do just that. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you want to build out a new automation, or flow, in Klaviyo. In this example, let’s build a customer winback flow using the pre-built flow from the Flow Library. The idea behind a winback flow is to only include customers who make an initial purchase, but don’t make another purchase after a specified timeframe. In this case, let’s use 60 days.

It’s important to personalize your messaging and not send generic winback emails to all your customers and treat them the same. So, this winback flow is targeted only to customers purchasing our top product. To do that we use a trigger filter to only include placed orders of our top product and a flow filter to ensure we don’t message anyone who purchases again during the 60 day period.

In the past, when creating this flow, you’d have no way to test your setup. You could be reasonably confident in how your filters would include and exclude people, but there was no great way to actually test it. That’s now changed with the Trigger Setup Preview feature. Once you’ve created your flow, just click on preview trigger setup and up to ten previous customers who would’ve entered the flow based on the trigger will be tested. Then, it will quickly show you if the filters you created kept them in or out of the flow. In this case, we can see if the filter is properly removing orders of our other sock designs before we set the flow live.

The preview tests each of these customers and tells you which ones passed, which ones failed, and why—giving you the information you need to see if your automated messages will ultimately be sent to the right people without spending time testing each and every flow you build.

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