The verdict is in: don’t be guilty of ignoring customer data

courtroom with defendant and attorney to denote spam court judging ignoring customer behavior

Spam in 2017: Anything you send that your recipient doesn’t care about.

At Klaviyo, we’re taking a stand to redefine what marketers consider spam. If you take a look into the inbox of literally anyone with an inbox, you’ll see messages that are irrelevant or inappropriate that don’t quite meet the legal definition of spam. We can and should do so much better for our, customers, our subscribers, and maybe even ourselves.

We created Spam Court as a satirical look at some of the worst modern spamming offenses.

Last week we talked about sending to inactive subscribers.

Up next in Spam Court, marketing accused of ignoring customer data.

 “I bought kibble for Mr. Mittens but he’s a cat– I don’t need dog food.”

Trying to cross-sell to a customer without taking all of their relevant data into account is a spam-worthy offense. Just like Mr. Mittens’ owner experienced, being cross-sold a product or service that isn’t the right fit for a customer is a confusing, annoying, and clumsy experience for a recipient.

How to improve

By investing some upfront time to create targeted “opportunity” segments, you can improve the experience of a cross-sell. First and foremost, start by isolating a group of people that have all purchased a particular item but have not also purchased one or more related items.

For instance, a group of people who have all purchased a lamp but have not purchased light bulbs or a lampshade.

Getting advanced

Once you have created these targeted segments, you could even go a step further and create an entire campaign of cross-selling messages (assuming you have enough relevant products to suggest).

For the lamp purchase, in addition to light bulbs and shades, you could also recommend matching accessories from the same collection as the lamp.

Stay out of Spam Court by using all of the relevant data to send targeted, segmented emails that are personalized to the individual.

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