Spam Court: Are You Guilty of Email Spamming?

judge sitting in brown leather chair next to American flag to denote spam court

Spam: irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients.

It’s something we all dread, as a consumer and as a sender.

Across the board, we accept this definition, but a quick glance into anyone’s inbox will tell you that there are a lot of irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent that don’t fit that legal definition but are still spam. Messages that are redundant, unfocused, “batch and blast” – they all don’t take the experience of individuals into account.

At Klaviyo, we believe that spam is anything you send that your recipient doesn’t care about. These other types of spam can be such a painful experience that it’s almost comical.

We took our feelings about spam and ran with them. Today, I’m excited to premiere our trailer of Spam Court!

Spam Court stars Judge Phil Ter (pun totally intended), who reigns over his courtroom with an iron first – deciding if marketers are guilty of, you guessed it, modern spam. Over the coming weeks, we’ll blog about each of the offenses. We’ll take a look at how the defendants can make their way out of the spam folder and back into the hearts of their customers.

Check back each Friday for our latest look at Spam Court.

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