Get the Right Answer Every Time, Guaranteed, With Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing

Like most ecommerce store owners, you probably have a lot of questions about how you can grow your business. What if I changed this, moved that, increased one, and decreased another? There are so many questions—wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a straight answer you can trust?

At Klaviyo, we live to help our customers get the answers they need to grow faster. Today, we’re excited to announce another example: Signup Form A/B Testing! Now you can use smart, automated testing to get the right answers to any signup form test. 

Klaviyo allows you to automatically end the test whenever statistically significant results are reached. That means you’ll know the moment there’s an actual winner. All you need to do is build the test and switch to the winning form when it’s ready. 

Ending a test once you achieve a statistically significant answer is incredibly important because ending it too early can lead to wrong answers. 

Think about an A/B test as a race. Like any race, you want to award the true winner, not a fluke. If you end a race early or drag it out too long, you’ll get a completely different result. What if the 1973 Kentucky Derby race ended at ¾ of a mile instead of a 1 ¼ miles? You never would have heard of the most famous racehorse of all-time, Secretariat, because he would‘ve lost. 

The same issue applies to your ecommerce signup form tests. End a test too early and you run the risk of getting the wrong answer. Run a test too long and you waste time showing a losing form to your valuable web traffic. You deserve better than that.

Other signup form providers force you to choose when to end your test before it even starts. As we just learned from our friend Secretariat, choosing when to end a test is critically important in getting the right result. 

When it comes to your signup forms, you simply can’t afford to crown the wrong champion. You spend too much time and too many resources driving people to your website not to maximize every visitor. That’s why Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing uses data science to tell you the right answer, at the right time, every time. 

Let’s see how it all comes together by running through an example. The Magic Shop wants to know if changing the color of their CTA button will drive more subscribers than their current color of blue. They can build up to seven different form variations in a single test, but this time they’re going to test against green and red. 

Before running the test, The Magic Shop can choose to have Klaviyo automatically end the test when significant results are reached. This guarantees they won’t end the test too early or run it too long (don’t worry, they can always choose to end the test manually whenever they want).

The Magic Shop can also set the amount of traffic, by percentage, to send to each variation. They could set this manually, but there’s also an automated option: automatic traffic allocation. Turning that on tells Klaviyo to automatically send more traffic to the winning form. Instead of continuing an even split throughout the test, you can optimize your email collection even before the test is over!

Once the test is live, The Magic Shop can check the results of their test and easily see which form was winning at any point in time. The most important metrics—current win probability and overall submit rate—are clearly listed so you always understand what’s going on. 

Klaviyo’s signup form testing was built to deliver the experience everyone already expects. It’s like putting your signup forms on autopilot with the smartest ecommerce data scientists available. Tests never end too early and leave you still searching for an answer. Tests never run too long and force you to show a losing signup form to your customers. 

With Klaviyo, we handle all the complicated parts and let you focus on what you care about most—maximizing your submit rate. We dig into the statistics and tell you when there’s a winner the moment you can trust the result. No more guessing. No more wasted time or traffic. Start collecting more emails than ever before using Klaviyo’s Signup Form A/B Testing.

Want to learn more about how this feature works? Check out our help center. Want to test it out? Log into your account or schedule a demo.

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