What’s new in July 2022 | Klaviyo product updates

Klaviyo announces new product updates this July

We are always shipping new features to make your marketing faster and smarter. Each month we do a roundup of our recently released features. From new integrations to product improvements designed to save you time, we’re excited to announce 10 new features built with you in mind.

Here’s how we’ve enhanced Klaviyo this month:

More ways to create personalized experiences

Developers can get started faster

New integrations to power your marketing

Stronger SMS capabilities

More ways to create personalized experiences

Personalization at scale is something Klaviyo strives to bring to our brands. Research suggests that customer expectations for personalized experiences are high. From the moment they first land on your site, to your first few messages with them, all of these interactions inform their experience with your brand.

Don’t know Klaviyo? Learn about advanced segments and personalization

Unique coupons in signup forms are now available

Always wanted to include a coupon in your form, but didn’t want your code to make its way onto a coupon clipping site? We’ve upgraded our form capabilities to now include static or unique coupon codes in the success message of forms, which customers can copy in one step, making their first purchase with you even easier. We’ll even check to make sure the user isn’t already subscribed before showing their code. Read on for more details about coupons in forms.

We’ve made A/B testing your flow emails even easier

As a marketer, you love Klaviyo flows. What’s better than building an email series that automatically sends when your customer takes a certain action? The trick is knowing whether each email in your flow is effective or not, which is where A/B testing comes in. Now, you can automatically select test winners, view deeper analytics into your historical performance, or select an end date for your test if you need your data by a certain date. If you aren’t seeing the feature in your account today, you will by the end of the week. Learn more about our enhancements to A/B testing flow emails. Read on for more details about what’s changing with A/B testing.

View detailed analytics from your AB test on flow emails with Klaviyo.

Developers can get started faster

In July, we launched new features focused on improving the Klaviyo experience for our developer community. As we recognize the importance of utilizing Klaviyo to meet your personal needs, we are continuing to release new ways to improve our developers tools enabling you to get the most out of Klaviyo.

Easily populate sandbox accounts with dummy data using our sample data tool

As you get started with Klaviyo, you generally need data for the platform to be useful. Using our new sample data tool, you’re now able to auto-populate fake data into your sandbox account for you so you can experiment and build faster. Get more details about the new sample data tool.

Sample data from Klaviyo's sample data generation tool.

Auto-generated SDKs bring increased scalability and less room for human error

With the launch of our newly released SDKs, developers are now able to get started building on Klaviyo spanning four languages: Python, Node, Ruby, and PHP. Additionally, we’ve increased our operations in our SDKs to include Template, Campaign, List & Segments endpoints, among others, to quickly utilize this functionality without spending time writing boilerplate code that needs to be maintained over time. Learn more about auto-generated SDKs.

Klaviyo ensures downstream tools can keep pace with the API

New integrations to power your marketing

Integrations unlock potential. They enable you to do more with your marketing mix right from Klaviyo. Let’s dive into our newest integrated third party offerings.

Sezzle is a payments platform that provides consumers with interest-free financing towards purchases. The Sezzle + Klaviyo integration enables you to see which of your email or SMS subscribers have or have not used Sezzle in the past. The more you know about your audience, the more relevant you can make your marketing messages. Sezzle consumer data provides your brand with more opportunities to convert price-sensitive customers. You can even embed Sezzle templates in emails or texts to reduce buyer stress. For example, if you know they use the platform, you can offer interest-free financing. Increase conversions through stronger targeting with the new Sezzle x Klaviyo integration.

Rebuy is an omnichannel personalization platform that’s redefining data-powered shopping experiences. Rebuy’s integration with Klaviyo empowers brands to drive revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities that are based on consumer behavior. Their powerful personalization engine analyzes billions of data points that are then funneled into product recommendations based on event data. You can drive higher average order values for every email or SMS by incorporating these product recommendations into your marketing messages. Dial in the perfect products for your email subscribers and see positive results in days. Enable the Rebuy x Klaviyo integration today.

Supermetrics is a data pipeline tool that lets you move data to your go-to reporting, analytics, and storage platform. Instead of aggregating data from multiple sources, you can use that time to analyze and make informed decisions with the new Supermetrics + Klaviyo integration. Allowing you to transfer data to your reporting tool of choice, this integration enables users to optimize their marketing performance faster while saving them time. Make data-driven decisions by taking control of all of your data across your marketing tech stack. And the best part is – there’s no coding required. Learn more about how Supermetrics can save you time spent on reporting.

Stronger SMS capabilities

SMS is a powerful and intimate channel to communicate with your customers. We’re passionate about continuously improving our SMS product so that you can continue growing your business to fit your needs. Let’s dive into our latest releases.

Use keyword opt-in, start conversations, and more with two-way messaging in the United Kingdom and Australia

You could already use Klaviyo SMS to communicate with your customers one-on-one in the USA and Canada. We’re excited to announce that we’ve brought this same functionality to subscribers based in the United Kingdom and Australia. After setting up a long code, brands can receive and respond to real text messages from customers in Klaviyo, or using integrations with Gorgias and Zendesk (more on this below!) to turn texts into support tickets. Learn more about enabling two-way messaging in the UK and Australia.

Connect Zendesk with Klaviyo SMS to deliver better experiences

Zendesk is a leader in the customer support industry, enabling businesses to provide best-in-class customer experiences. We’re excited to announce the release of our enhanced Zendesk integration with Klaviyo SMS, which automatically converts certain text messages sent by customers to tickets in Zendesk. Save time and make it easy for your brand to track, respond, and resolve customer inquiries. Read on to discover how to enable Zendesk with Klaviyo SMS. Read more about the Klaviyo Zendesk integration for two-way SMS.

Easily convert Klaviyo SMS conversations into tickets in Zendesk.

New features that keep you growing

This month we focused on improving personalization, helping developers get started faster, released new integrations to enhance your marketing, and made our SMS offerings stronger. We can’t wait to tell you about more new features in August.

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