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Table of Contents:
Easier third-party automations to improve the customer experience
A centralized hub for developers to learn and grow
More ways to use your owned data outside of Klaviyo

Off the top of your head, how many different tools are you using to manage your business, right now?

Two? Five? Ten, potentially?

Count again.

The average small business––that is, a business with less than 500 employees––has more than 242 SaaS subscriptions.

Now, there’s no shame in the hustle to try new tools to improve your business processes, customer experiences, and revenue. But with nearly 250 different applications:

  • How are you managing integration and automation?
  • Are all the tools talking to one another?
  • Do you have a single source of truth?

When data within various tools is siloed, there are fewer opportunities to create cohesive customer experiences—which could negatively impact your ability to keep customers long term, as personalization and tailored experiences are now an expectation.

Klaviyo’s new product updates are a commitment to solve this problem for marketers, entrepreneurs, developers, and our partner ecosystem.

Now, our platform gives you the tools to use Customer-First DataTM—the data that you own and control—to enrich the customer experiences, even if those experiences aren’t designed in Klaviyo.

Here are the updates we’ve made to deliver more extensibility and flexibility to your Klaviyo environment:

Easier third-party automations to improve the customer experience

Now, Klaviyo customers can send customer information to other platforms as part of Klaviyo’s flows (automations) via webhooks. This gives you and your team the power to better personalize the customer experience across your tech stack.

“Webhooks allow Klaviyo and a third-party system to transfer data from one to another, which makes Klaviyo’s capabilities almost limitless,” says Matt Garbutt, associate director of lifecycle marketing at Outer.

What’s a webhook?

Webhooks are event-based triggers. When triggered, they send information, automatically, to the location of your choice––which for many brands is another tool or platform.

“Webhooks save me a lot of time because I don’t have to manually export different segments, re-upload into another platform, and then process that upload,” says Garbutt.

Another way to think of a webhook is like your local UPS or Fedex delivery service. When they receive your order, they’ll automatically bring it to your home—every time. They don’t stop and ask, “Hey, do you want this package?” and wait for your response before dropping it off.

To set up a webhook within a flow, the same actions that trigger an email or SMS flow to begin can kick-off other automations to occur outside of Klaviyo, based on how you configure your webhooks.

Let’s walk through an example:

Say you use a direct-mail system to send personalized notes to your customers, and you’ve decided you want to send a piece of mail to your customers with a predicated lifetime value of over $100.

You can add a webhook flow action to trigger for customers who’ve entered your post-purchase automation and who aren’t opted-in to receive emails or texts from you.

If customers meet these criteria, the webhook would send their mailing address to your direct-mail service provider so they could get your note out the door.

webhook flow action in klaviyo

This is about systems working in harmony, and you creating the best possible customer experiences across your tech stack.

Ready to use your data in new ways? Implement your first webhook action today.

A centralized hub for developers to learn and grow

Developers have long used Klaviyo’s tooling to extend our software to meet their customers’ needs. That has resulted in more than:

  • 35,000 organizations interacting with Klaviyo’s APIs on a weekly basis
  • 5 billion API requests processing per week
  • 200 technology partners leveraging Klaviyo to build additional tools for tens of thousands of businesses globally

Take Steven Petteruti, co-founder and CTO of Cartwheel, for example, who identified a common issue popping up in Klaviyo’s community forums.

“I noticed Klaviyo customers were having issues setting up restock alerts when they were running custom Shopify themes. So I set out to solve that problem,” says Petteruti. “Klaviyo’s API documentation makes building a solution pretty straightforward.”

"Klaviyo’s API documentation makes building a solution pretty straightforward."

Steven Petteruti, co-founder and CTO of Cartwheel

And if you need further guidance beyond our API documentation, Klaviyo engineers are ready to help.

“Klaviyo makes it very easy to interact with their product as a developer. And if you have any questions related to building, you can ask it in the Klaviyo forum. A Klaviyo engineer will respond to you directly and help you think through your problem,” he says.

Now, to help you push even more boundaries, we’ve created a centralized hub for developer-specific content that is relevant for developers of all experience levels.

web developer portal for klaviyos

This portal is part of Klaviyo’s larger commitment to improve our foundational APIs, guides, and SDKs, so that you can more easily build what you, or your customers, need on top of our platform.

Hop into the developer portal today: Happy exploring! 

More ways to use your owned data outside of Klaviyo

According to the NRF, retail supports 1 in 4 jobs in the U.S. alone. Klaviyo is here to support those who support the dreamers, the entrepreneurs, the marketers, and ultimately the creators of our collective future.

We’re dedicated to making the Klaviyo environment more developer-friendly and increasing extensibility and flexibility in 2022 so that it’s easier for our ecosystem to build unique customer experiences and improved, integrated data processes wherever an entrepreneur needs them.

We are dedicated to improved API extensibility, flexibility and connectivity.

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