Personalize Your Marketing with Location-Based Segments

When everything is digital, it’s no wonder consumers long for meaningful in-person experiences. Whether you have stores, run events, or simply want to mobilize local contacts, each face-to-face is an opportunity to build brand equity and create a unique connection with your customers. Clearly, offering in-person experiences is huge part of building a business.

We’re proud to share that our latest addition, proximity segmentation, makes it easier than ever to do just that!

Find profiles near you

Available exclusively in the US and Canada, the segment builder’s new condition, “Someone’s proximity to a location,” lets you segment directly on the distance between a profile’s address and a specific postal code. Select the country, distance, and postal code you’re interested in, and we’ll return all the relevant profiles for you.

Connect Your Digital And Physical Marketing

With this new capability, it’s easier than ever to send locationally relevant communication to your contacts. With a few clicks, you can direct the right customers to your brick-and mortar stores or in-person events – which are prime opportunities to put a face to your brand and stand out amongst all the noise online.


Get Local With Regionally Specific Marketing

Even if you don’t have a physical store or event to promote, you can still use proximity segments to build stronger connections with your customers.

Find everyone in or around a postal code to offer regional or even neighborhood exclusive products, promotions, and marketing in flows and campaigns. You can even combine proximity segments with sign up forms to offer truly individualized content from inbox to web. With our new Segment Targeted Forms, you can build specialized pop ups to promote local exclusives to contacts that have provided address information.

We’re excited to see how you use proximity segments to get local with your customers. Happy segmenting and if you have an idea send us an email with the subject line “I have an idea!”.

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