Personalize Onsite Experience with Segment Targeted Forms

By now, you probably know that building targeted customer segments and sending them personalized emails is a surefire way to drive sales. You may even be using your segments to target Facebook ads, which is a great way to reach your profiles on another channel.

Today, we’re thrilled to add another familiar channel where you can use the targeted segments you’ve built to create customized experiences: your website!

With the new segment and list targeting in Klaviyo forms, you can build a personalized experience for targeted segments of profiles whenever they visit your site.

Target website forms to segments or lists

Targeting a Klaviyo form to a segment or list is a cinch. On the Behaviors tab of the form builder, you can select your list or segment and specify whether to show or not show to profiles in that segment.

When someone visits your website and they’re tracked by Klaviyo’s web tracking (e.g. if they’ve ever clicked through an email or completed a Klaviyo signup form), we’ll determine which segments and lists they’re in and only show them the correct forms.

In your signup forms, you can use this setting to ensure that only visitors who aren’t currently signed up for a list see the signup form. You just need to select “Don’t show to visitors in certain lists or segments” and then the specific list you want to exclude. However, there are many more exciting use cases for this feature beyond gathering signups!

Create personalized website experiences

If a past customer visits your store for the first time in a year, what would you want to say to them? Tell them about what’s changed? Give them some incentive to purchase again? Remind them of what makes your brand special?

With segment targeted Klaviyo forms, you can personalize popups, flyouts, or embeds with content based on who is visiting your site.

For example, you may want to target past large-purchasers with some incentive to purchase again. You can build a segment of profiles who have purchased big-ticket items in the past, but who haven’t purchased recently. Then you can create a targeted flyout for them with a 15% off code to push them to purchase.

You can also use modals to direct visitors to areas of your site that you think they’ll like. For example, you can create a segment of past sock purchasers, and then target them with a popup that directs them to your new sock collection.

For another idea, you can pair an embed along with an email campaign. You can create a segment of campaign recipients and target them with an embed with similar branding and messaging as the email campaign. Think of it as a second chance to reinforce the message or ensure that non-openers still get the content if they visit your site directly.

Learn more about existing profiles

You can also use segment targeted forms to flesh out data on your existing profiles to use for more targeting or personalized email content.

For example, let’s say you recently added a signup popup that gathers the visitor’s email and birthday. But what about all of your existing subscribers that have no birthday? Here’s how segment targeted forms can help:

First, create a segment of subscribers that don’t have a birthday profile property.

Then, create a form with an email and a date input for their birthday. You’ll want to select the “Auto-fill with email if already tracked” setting on the email input so that they don’t need to enter their email address again. Then target the segment from the previous step in the Behaviors settings.

Now, when you set this form live, you’ll start collecting the birthdays of all of those existing profiles whenever they visit your site and submit the form.

What are your ideas?

We’re excited to see how you use this new combination of Klaviyo features to start personalizing your website. If you have an idea, want to provide feedback, or thought of a really awesome use case that you want to share, send us an email with the subject line “I have an idea!”.

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