How Precision Hydration Uses an Online Test to Personalize Product Recommendations

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Precision Hydration is a UK-based brand that works with athletes to personalize their hydration strategies. In a nutshell, every person sweats differently depending on their body and therefore needs drinks of different strengths to help them rehydrate after an intense workout.

I sat down with Dave Colley, marketing director at Precision Hydration, to hear about the brand’s marketing strategy and which tactics have been the biggest drivers of growth.

Building a custom sweat test for online and in-person

While Precision Hydration offers a variety of different products based on how much someone sweats, determining which product to purchase would be confusing if it weren’t for the custom sweat test the brand offers to its customers.

For those who live near one of the testing facilities located around the world, they can pay a small fee and get a very detailed report on their sweat level.

“We have a physical sweat test that’s used. It’s patented technology that’s used in hospitals all around the world. It’s used to diagnose Cystic Fibrosis in newborn babies. We have the exclusive rights to apply that in sports. It’s quite a useful test because you don’t have to run around on a soccer pitch or on a treadmill for 40 minutes to build up a sweat. We actually induce a little bit of your arms’ sweat and then take a sample.” – Dave Colley, Precision Hydration

For those who don’t live near a test center, Precision Hydration has crafted an online version of the sweat test to give shoppers an immediate solution. The brand worked with researchers at Sheffield Hallam University to better understand the difference between how someone perceives how much they sweat and how much they actually do sweat. With the findings, the team used the data from the physical test to create an algorithm that could be used by anyone, anywhere for free online.

Acquiring customers with content and PR

With 50 to 60 percent of its website traffic coming in through content and public relations (PR), traditional paid channels like Facebook and Google Ads are channels, Mark admits, that just don’t work for the brand.

"We've tried Facebook ads and Google ads, what you would think would be a nice scalable route to growth. Those things haven't worked out for us. I’ve had success with those in other businesses, so I think it’s more just that they're not quite right for our messaging."

Dave Colley, Precision Hydration

Precision Hydration doesn’t just target athletes. It’s hyper-focused on selling to that next-level athlete. The brand partners with elite athletes in the form of sponsorships and also features them in interviews. The team has found that channels like podcasts and longer-form content, over time, have led to ongoing traffic and have been critical in helping to scale the brand.

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Watch this episode of Ready, Set, Grow

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