Elevate Your Marketing with the Objectives Tab

marketing objectives tab

Klaviyo is chock-full of different product areas and features designed to help you personalize your marketing and build stronger customer relationships. With so much to do, some of our customers aren’t always certain about what they should do next. Today, we aim to change that with the launch of the brand new Objectives tab.

The Objectives tab is located on the dashboard for both new and existing Klaviyo users. It is designed to help all our customers onboard with Klaviyo faster and continually get ideas for what to do next to further personalize and elevate their marketing.

The new tab helps our customers in a few ways:

Provides an onboarding guide for new users

The Objectives tab acts as a one-stop-shop for new users signing up for Klaviyo. Anyone who signs up and walks through the setup wizard will be directed to the Objectives tab. At the top of this list will be a recommended set of tasks to properly onboard and get started using Klaviyo.

Let’s say you have a hand-crafted furniture store and just signed up for Klaviyo. You go through the setup wizard, but don’t integrate your BigCommerce (or other ecommerce platform) store because you have a lot of orders you need to fulfill by the end of the day. Sometime later, you log back in and are brought directly to the Objectives tab. At the top of that list will be a card labeled, ‘Integrate your BigCommerce store.’ This is priority number one because an integration is required to gather much of the data you need to set up things like abandoned cart or browse abandonment emails.

Once you complete the integration, the associated card on the Objectives tab will automatically complete. Your full list of objectives will remain on the dashboard, but the integration card will be replaced with another recommended activity. By serving up recommended tasks, we provide a step-by-step roadmap for how to get started with Klaviyo quickly and put you on the fast track to making more money.

Helps users find and complete desired tasks

Many users sign up for software solutions looking to accomplish a singular goal. For Klaviyo, many users sign up because they heard about our great email automation (known as flows in Klaviyo) and how it can make them more money. Specifically, ecommerce store owners focus on setting up their abandoned cart emails and want to start sending those as soon as possible.

Going back to our earlier example, once your BigCommerce store is integrated and your data starts syncing, you will have a lot of options for what to do next. In this scenario, you know abandoned cart emails are important, but you really need to send out this promotional email about a new couch that’s recently in stock. While the Objectives tab will put the “Set up your abandoned cart” card at the top of the list, it will also show other cards like “Send a campaign,” so you can find and complete your preferred actions.

Cards will be listed by recommended priority with objectives across different areas of the product, so you can decide which tasks you want to complete next.

Gives a running list of new ideas to level-up your marketing

For tenured Klaviyo users, or for new users who grow their business with Klaviyo, the Objectives tab will serve as list of new ideas you can execute in Klaviyo. Maybe you immediately want to build a segment to target a subset of your customers and subscribers. Maybe you’re so wrapped up in sending emails you missed Klaviyo’s Facebook integration and its ability to seamlessly create lookalike audiences of your best customers. Or maybe you’re using another signup form and don’t explore the segmenting and targeting options of Klaviyo’s Form Builder. No matter the situation, the Objectives tab will continually suggest new areas of the product you haven’t activated or explored—allowing you to extract more and more value out of Klaviyo. It will even point you to best practices articles on our blog, so even after you’ve set everything up you will still have content to learn from.

Whether you’re just getting started or using Klaviyo regularly, the Objectives tab is the perfect place to ensure you are continually getting the most out of the Klaviyo platform.

For more information on the Objectives tab, visit our help center.

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