NYC Klaviyo Advanced Workshop: Resources for You

Advanced Klaviyo Workshop in NYC

This February, more than 50 of Klaviyo’s 5,500 customers attended a day-long Klaviyo Advanced Workshop in Midtown Manhattan.

Couldn’t make it to the workshop? You still get access to the materials!

We offered this free workshop so we could provide Klaviyo customers with in-depth information and practical advice, along with a chance to get their questions answered in person. Turned out the workshop was so popular we had to add a second day (so that doubled the number of customers could attend). Even with that, we had a sizable waitlist. Klaviyo customers, we love your enthusiasm!

Over the course of the workshop, we covered a range of topics: deliverability, segmentation, automated email flows, and email marketing optimization. We capped each day off with a Q&A and a look ahead from CEO Andrew Bialecki.

Check out the slides from each of the four talks, paired with resources and step-by-step guides to help you implement email marketing best practices. You can choose just one…or settle in with your favorite beverage (maybe a Klaviyo Flowjito!) and explore all four.

What we covered

With these slides and resources, you can make sure your emails are reaching inboxes, see how to divide up your email list, take your automated emails to the next level, and use your data to optimize email marketing performance.


Jake Cohen of KlaviyoEver been told to send an email to every address your store has ever collected, and maybe a list you purchased as well? You knew it wasn’t right…and here’s why, along with exactly what to say the next time someone asks you for full-list sends.

Deliverability is a tricky topic, so we asked Director of Product Jake Cohen to demystify it. Join him for a behind-the-scenes look at how different ISPs use different date ranges to gauge subscriber engagement (and don’t miss slides 8 and 10!).


Agata Celmerowski of KlaviyoIf you’re still sending the same email to all the people on your list, this session is for you. After you go through this deck and see the link between segmentation and store revenue, you’ll be thinking in terms of audience segments.

Agata Celmerowski, Klaviyo’s VP of Marketing, shares an advanced model of segmentation that will help you bucket your subscribers into meaningful categories that go far beyond engaged vs. not engaged. See how to target each one differently, and don’t miss the downloadable marketing planning template! If you can’t wait to start segmenting your subscribers, head right to slide 20.

Email flows

Maybe you call them triggered emails or email automation. Klaviyo users call them “flows.” Whatever terms you use, they’re the email sequences that are automatically launched when a subscriber takes an action, like abandoning a cart.

Alexandra Edelstein is the Klaviyo product manager who heads up the flows team here. Here, she illustrates the value of branching those flows — sending different versions of, say, abandoned cart emails based on the value of the items in a cart (it all starts on slide 10). Bonus: The use cases are illustrated using Klaviyo’s new visual flow builder.


Brian Whalley of KlaviyoWhen you’re sending emails to your customers, you have a ton of information to draw on from both email engagement and shopping data. Klaviyo gives you the tools to answer a lot of questions with that data. But what about when you’re ready to go even further?

Director of Product Brian Whalley built his own calculators in Google Sheets so that you can export your data and use it to answer some of the toughest questions, including a biggie: Are my discounts working for me….or against me? (Check out slide 41 for answers to that one.) And in the resource list, you’ll find the spreadsheets so you can start answering those questions for your store.

Looking ahead

This might have been our first day-long workshop, but it’s definitely not our last! One thing that will remain a constant: doing everything we can to make sure our customers have a great experience and effective email marketing.

At the end of the NYC workshop, one customer told us, “It feels like I should be paying for this.” No way! Not only was the event free to attend, but we made sure everyone had the option to arrive in style with plenty of Lyft credit.

Our next workshop is already in the planning stages, and we want to hear your ideas. If you have an idea for a workshop theme, session topic, or geographic location, send it our way! Email us at


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