Mouse and Scroll Tracking with Klaviyo and Picreel

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You no doubt invest a lot of time and money into your website. How do you know it’s paying off? There are the usual indicators like email sign ups, time spent on the site, and purchases made, but what if you wanted more detail such as which specific content on your site is getting the most attention or prompting the most action and which is just taking up valuable real estate?

One very effective way to determine which areas of your website are most (or least) popular is to track mouse and scroll movement.

What mouse and scroll movement can tell us

Desktop users tend to direct their mouse towards the content they are interested in viewing. Mobile users scroll in lieu of using a mouse to find content. Tracking mouse and scroll movement, then, can help you determine what features, elements, or content visitors find interesting or how far down the page they are going. Armed with this information, you can do many things.

You might:

  • Track the movements in real time to create targeted pop-ups relevant to that specific area of interest and use it to capture emails.

  • Use the information to provide more personalized content to email subscribers.

  • Use the behaviors to redesign the page and connect visitors with key content.

  • Track activity from page to page to analyze the buyers’ journey from the initial visit to check out or sign up.

Sounds great, right? What if it were possible to then capture specific visitor data, share it with Klaviyo, and incorporate it into your automated email campaigns?

Now you can. Picreel has integrated with Klaviyo to do just that.

Using Picreel and Klaviyo together

Picreel is a conversion rate optimization software solution that optimizes offers on your website by tracking visitors’ mouse and scroll movements in real time and then serving up the best offer when they navigate away from valuable content. Use an overlay, a survey, or a link to capture visitor data, then use Picreel to submit that data to Klaviyo.

Klaviyo and Picreel work hand-in-hand to help convert website visitors into consumers. Picreel helps you see where visitors are spending time and what they are interested in. Based on that information, you can then create highly targeted pop-ups that capture email information or other relevant data such as where visitors spent their time and what, if anything, they purchased. Use Picreel to automatically relay that information to Klaviyo and Voilà! – simplified (and highly targeted) email marketing.

For example, the pop-up below can be used to capture email addresses:

Once captured, the email addresses are automatically routed by Picreel to Klaviyo:

Below is another example. This is a pop-up that is triggered on exiting any page except the cart. It’s a final effort to convert a browser into a buyer – and collect an email address as well:

Picreel makes it very easy to launch highly targeted campaigns using Klaviyo; one specific Picreel campaign is tied to a specific list in Klaviyo. In the example below, the Picreel popup collects both a name and an email address:

The two data points are set up as separate campaigns in Klaviyo, which you can see in the image below:

Once the data has been received by Klaviyo, you can use it however you see fit; send a welcome email, send coupon codes, or add the visitor to your subscription list!

The beauty of the Picreel-Klaviyo integration is that all of this data collection goes on automatically. You don’t have to do a thing except set the campaign parameters. There’s no manual data entry, list-building, or email sending. The two programs manage the entire data collection and sorting process for you.

Target the right people at the right time

Klaviyo’s recent benchmark report “How segmentation and automation drive email marketing success” is an excellent example of how and why Picreel and Klaviyo work so well together. In a nutshell, the report states that you are far more likely to drive revenue by sending the right offers to the right people than by blindly sending every offer to every person on your list. The hard part used to be figuring out which offers to send to which consumers and when to send them.

Picreel eases this struggle by allowing the consumers themselves to tell you what they are interested in and when they are interested in it. By tracking mouse and scroll movements, Picreel is able to determine where a visitors’ interest lies and, perhaps more importantly, when that interest wanes.

For example, when a visitor is getting ready to leave a site, the mouse will move to X out of the screen. Picreel is able to identify this crucial moment of exit intent and present one of your pre-set offers. That may be a coupon code to entice a purchase or maybe it is a newsletter sign-up. In either case, you’ll use the Picreel offer to capture contact data for the visitor, which you can then send to Klaviyo’s specific list and integrate into your email campaigns. You will have successfully targeted a consumer who was interested but not yet ready to make a purchase, collected their data, and initiated a follow-up personalized to the consumer’s interests. You’ve hit the right person at the right time with the right area of interest.

We should note that Picreel doesn’t only work when visitors are getting ready to leave a site. You can set it up to post an offer when a visitor lingers on the site for a certain amount of time or when they’ve scrolled down a certain amount, for example. Again, you set the parameters that best meet your marketing objectives!

This brings us back to Klaviyo’s report on segmentation for email marketing success. The best way to segment your customers is by paying attention to what they are already interested in and centering your offers around those areas of interest – and that’s exactly what Picreel can do for you. Armed with that data, it’s a simple matter to match the right lead with the right offer and use Klaviyo to make contact and grow your business.

But what if making sales isn’t your end goal? That’s okay! You can use Picreel and Klaviyo together for anything for which you’d want to collect contact information. That may be an email subscription, a current events sign up, a notification when your next blog post goes live, or a survey opportunity. The two systems are both highly customizable to meet the many varying needs of different industries. In many cases, users are limited only by their imagination.


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